Update 3.2.12

Fix: When editing a form on screen 600px or less now has labels above input.

Update 3.2.11

Change: Added a few entries to robots.txt due to entries being case-sensitive.

Update 3.2.10

Change: Properties Required On and Additional Information have been added to the invoice if they have a value.

Update 3.2.9

Change: Start time displayed in booking confirmation screens and emails now hides the time if 12:00am.

Fix: Position property on a ranked object was not defaulting to the next available position.

Fix: Search text was trying to search properties that did not have a column in the database table.

Update 3.2.8

Change: Changed robots.txt to stop the indexing of certain folders.

Change: When the system detects a file not found in certain folders it is immediately returned with the error.

Update 3.2.7

Change: Calendar View now loads Service Times by default.

Fix: Error in Definition Inspector due to upgrade of .Net Framework.

Update 3.2.6

Fix: Error in Service Time object display format.

Change: Start Finish property for a Service Time object now use the upper and lower accuracy values when formatted.

Update 3.2.5

Fix: Error in Users.xls import script.

Update 3.2.4

New: Options on trading items can now include once off fees.

Update 3.2.3

Fix: When a task is assigned to a user, the project will also be assigned to that user, if the project doesn't have a user assigned to it.

Fix: The generic email that is sent when a project or task is assigned, now links directly to the project or task.

Fix: Turned off autocomplete on captcha input fields. This will only affect captcha input fields on auto-generated forms.

Fix: New projects and tasks menu items were only visible to developers.

Fix: Properties or parameters with a drop down list and blank item with No Value Text when selected and submitted returned an error.

Fix: Error occurred after login to access a restricted page.

Update 3.2.2

Fix: Base properties and methods were not available for custom business collections and their items.

Latest Software Updates

Update 3.20.2

Fix: All forms sent from admin email address with reply to the EmailAddress property.

Update 5.40.1 Alpha

Fix: Sites.Check and Sites.Scan not completing all in one pass.

Fix: To home page displaying as Website.About when cached in Sites.

Fix: To BusinessCollection.CreateFilterExpression when multiple values passed.

Update 5.40.0 Alpha

New: Date/time properties are now stored in UTC time and are displayed in the User's time zone. However, there are exceptions. For example, Date of Birth is stored and displayed as is, Order and Payment dates are generated and stored and viewed in the Base Time Zone. Service times are displayed in the Venue Time Zone if it has been set for the service.

New: Each country now has a default time zone. This is used as the default for a user.

New: A user can change the time zone if it is not what has been defaulted for them. https://yourwebsite.com/setusertimezone.

New: You can now set the time zone for a venue on a service. This means any times will be displayed in the venue time zone no matter what the time zone is the user is in.

Fix: To home page caching in Sites.