Update 5.25.0 Alpha

New: LoggedInUserStoredPaymentMethods will return the current logged in user's stored payment methods.

New: GetLoggedInOrSelectedUser, GetSelectedUser and GetLoggedInUser are now public if accessible.

New: PageTitle can now be added to an ASPX @Page directive.

New: PageTitle variable can now be used when merging any web page.

New: GetDateTimes function can be used in scripts and will return an array of date/times based on the parameters passed.

New: FormatArray function can be used in scripts and will format each element in an array with the specified format parameter passed.

New: Javascript function which can be used to toggle a class based on an input value such as a select control.

Update: Membership.AutoRenew now defaults to Invoice.

Fix: Email.GenerateHTML was showing the same image multiple times if they had the same filename but in different folders.

Fix: Group.GetActiveMembershipCount was returning an incorrect result in certain circumstances.

Fix: The system will not update links in a web page, to include the relative folder, which is starting with a protocol (i.e. https://), forward slash (/), hash (#) and now a dot(.).

Fix: Change to the base stylesheet to remove an indent style specifically for mozilla browsers due to error which they have now fixed.

Fix: Definition inspector error when creating a table.

Fix: Definition inspector changing type of a method parameter.

Update 4.19.2

Fix: Error when outputting articles to static files.

Update 5.24.4 Alpha

Fix: Error when outputting articles to static files.

Update 3.20.0

New: Upgrade to security and user access.

Update 4.19.1

Fix: Security issue with file manager.

Update 5.24.3 Alpha

Fix: Image required even though there was already one saved.

Update 5.24.2 Alpha

Fix: When the Website Temporarily Unavailable Page Name was set to a page a continuous redirect would cause the website to crash.

Update 4.19.0

New: Upgrade to security and user access.

Update 5.24.1 Alpha

Fix: New registered users would have to reset password when they returned.

Update 5.24.0 Alpha

New: User.OpenAsVCard will download the user information in a vCard format for import into user's contact database.

New: User.MiddleNames has been added.

Update 5.23.2 Alpha

Fix: By default Website.VisibleUsers aka directory, cannot be viewed now. Website.VisibleUser(FileName) can be used for directory lookups. For example, /directory/john-mitchell.

Update 5.23.1 Alpha

Fix: ItemDefinition.DefaultValue was disposing Application.User and the like.

Update 5.23.0 Alpha

New: Upgrade to security and user access.

Fix: VisibleServiceTimes view was generating the time part of filename as 12 hour clock.

Update 5.22.0 Alpha

New: Sitemap generator which also stores the public page content for fast loading when there is no user loggged in.

New: AllowFilterIndex on the property definition. When set to false the system will add nofollow on links filtered by this property and noindex on collection views filtered by this property. The default is false, accept for Item.Tags, Article.Category, Article.Brand, Article.Author and User.Industry.

New: Business.CanonicalURL which returns the absolute path and parameters for the custom view of the object. For example, https://inology.au/blog/tag/email-hosting/?Page=2.

New: CreateFilterMenu on a property now creates links to canonical urls and sets nofollow when more than one filter is used or the property's AllowFilterIndex is set to false.

Fix: Meta data noindex and nofollow have been set where appropriate.

Fix: Application.ArticleExists execution speed has been greatly increased which means the loading of the home page has increased because it uses the function to determine which page is the home page.

Fix: The noscript tag is added to the HTML output for every page where the JavaScriptEnabled parameter has not been set.

Fix: The EndSessionOnComplete parameter now works with process path version 2.

Update 5.21.4 Alpha

Update: Defaults for Application.PoweredByWebsite and Application.DeveloperWebsite.

Fix: Extend max length to 1000 on Template.Title and Template.Description to allow for lengthy scripts.

Fix: Changed default sort order for services.

Update 5.21.3 Alpha

New: When a file name is created from a title, the ampersands are replaced with "and".

New: Merging collection items can now update all links and add permanent URL redirects for the merged items.

Fix: To update all links when renaming a file.

Fix: To URL redirects match and replace.

Fix: Filter expressions using like.

Fix: Phone number validator.

Update 5.21.2 Alpha

Update: Changed default sorting method for articles to [PublishingStatus],[PublishedOn] desc and pages and trading items to [PublishingStatus],[FileName].

Update: Changed how URL Redirects work including the pattern matching and what to replace.

Fix: When an item is renamed it also creates a redirect for when used in a filter. For example, a tag named widget /products/tag/widget.

Fix: Error thrown when ItemDefinition.SelectionFilterPropertyName is set and the filter property returned nothing.

Fix: When a menu item does not have a URL the title and onclick attributes are add to the span element.

Fix: To forms in collection view shows double info.

Update 5.21.1 Alpha

New: Memberships.FilterByGroup and Memberships.FilterByMember.

New: Article.PublishingStatus added on database to enable sorting. The sort on articles now defaults to [PublishingStatus],[FileName].

Fix: Error when non-admin publishes an article.

Fix: User.AuthoredDocuments name changed to User.AuthoredArticles.

Fix: When new user option is selected in Website.SelectUser it still goes to check for registration if that is the default. If admin is logged in and the email address is found in the database, the system automatically selects that user.

Fix: RSS feed not working on website.

Fix: Error adding a SecurePayPaymentMethod.

Fix: XML output returning multiple declarations.

Fix: BusinessCollection.Import.

Fix: BusinessCollection.ToHTML not merging ItemTemplate element an article.

Fix: Styles updated to show item counts on filter menus.

Fix: Type not changing in definition inspector.

Update 5.21.0 Alpha

New: BusinessCollection.Import can now merge matched rows giving preference to either the imported row or existing row.

New: BusinessCollection.Import can now import from multiple line fields to one. If the property is of type MultipleLineText then the system will look for a column in the import ending in Line1, Line2, etc. For example, PostalAddressLine1, PostalAddressLine2 and PostalAddressLine3 will be imported into PostalAddress.

New: BusinessCollection.Import can specify the date format being imported as one of the following:

  • Day Month Year
  • Month Day Year
  • Year Month Day

New: Common.ConvertToDateTime(DateTimeText, GenericDateFormat) has been added to enable manual sorting within the parent group.

New: Group.Position has been added to enable manual sorting within the parent group.

New: All Articles menu item under content management.

New: Many functions on business objects have been modified to return self.

New: All object properties including application and collection now can specify where the Repository is.

Fix: Error when adding a promotion.

Fix: After adding a promotion it returns to the list.

Fix: An object's item and collection properties filter and sort attributes are no longer visible and cannot be edited by the user.

Fix: Group.GetActiveMembershipCount returns an error when Group.MaximumMemberships set.

Fix: The actual error when making a payment is now displayed correctly.

Fix: CollectionClassDefintion.GenerteHTML merge expressions.

Update 5.20.0 Alpha

New: BusinessCollection.Import will now except JSON and XML.

New: BusinessCollection.Import new excepts two more parameters MatchItemBy which except a unique column name and UpdateMatches which specified whether to skip or update rows that match.

New: JSON and XML exports now include both the ID and FileName along with ToString in a sub-element for Item types. When an item's property is referenced (i.e. Country.Code) then the system will create a sub-element for it. When multiple are grouped together (i.e. Country,Country.Code,Country.Name) then they will be grouped in the same sub-elememt.

New: XML export format now uses the definition name as the element name and ID is a sub-element, not an attribute.

Fix: JSON export now has the correct file extension.

New: BusinessCollection.IsExistingItem and BusinessCollection.Item now except a dictionary of name value pairs. It will first look for FileName and if not available use ID.

New: BusinessCollection.FilterOnIDFileNameOrUniqueValues now except a dictionary or array of dictionary of name value pairs. It will first look for FileName and if not available use ID.

New: Common.XMLToObject converts xml to an array/dictionary the same format as Common.JSONToObject.

Fix: JSON export now has the correct file extension.

Fix: Submit name in defintion inspector.

Update 5.19.0 Alpha

New: ValueDefinitionAttribute.StoreSessionOnly had been replaced by enumeration ValueDefinitionAttribute.Repository which indicate where the value is stored:

  • Database: stores in a column in the table.
  • More Info: stores the name and value in a JSON column named More Info.
  • Request: stores only for the current request.
  • Session: stores in the user's session state.
  • Application: stores in the application state.

New: JSON table column MoreInfo replaces XML table column CustomProperties to store the custom properties in a name value collection.

New: PaymentMethod.MoreInfo and Email.MoreInfo have been created to store the custom properties from the inherited classes. For example, SecurePayPaymentMethod.MerchantID, OrderEmail.OrderStatus, etc.

New: A table column has been created for each custom property and the following system properties:

  • GatewayPaymentMethod.ReconciliationRequired
  • GatewayPaymentMethod.VerificationRequiredWithStoredPaymentMethod
  • OrderItem.RegularPrice
  • ServiceBooking.AdditionalInformation

New: ClassDefinitionAttribute.BaseType returns one of the following:

  • BusinessApplication
  • BusinessCollection
  • BusinessCollectionItem

New: JavaScript function to create a tabs on the client-side. To use set class="tabs" on the container element. The same element must have a child element of nav, to hold the table of contents, and one or more elements with an id for each content section. For example:

<div class="tabs">
      <li><a href="#content-one"><span>Content Section One</span></a></li>
      <li><a href="#content-two"><span>Content Section Two</span></a></li>
      <li><a href="#content-three"><span>Content Section Three</span></a></li>
  <div id="content-one">Content section one here...</div>
  <div id="content-two">Content section two here...</div>
  <div id="content-three">Content section three here...</div>

New: Definition inspector has been overhauled with a new look. You can also add a collection class or property directly via the inspector and it will add the table or column in the database if need be.

New: The dashboard shop now lists all products to easily add products to the cart without multiple roundtrips to the server to do so. A client-side search and filter by category have also been added to make it easy for the customer to find what they want fast.

New: ItemTypes.InheritsRank is a calculated column on the table used for sorting.

New: CustomDefinitionNamesStartWith now defaults to underscore if not provided.

New: ValueDefinitionAttribute.SQLDataType returns the data type required to store the property value in an SQL table column. For example, HTML = nvarchar(max), ID = int, Money = decimal(19,3), etc.

Fix: Error in MoneyDefinitionAttribute.FormatValue when round to value is whole number.

Fix: Error in EnumerationDefinitionAttribute.CompareValues when enumeration name passed.

Fix: GetCollection now throws an appropriate error if not found.

Fix: To output of ConvertSiteToXHTMLCompliant.

Fix: To the attributes of the following properties:

  • AutomatedTask.URL
  • AutomatedTask.Duration
  • CourseResult.CompletedOn
  • Email.FromEmailAddress
  • Email.ReplyEmailAddress
  • Email.MergeCollection
  • Email.MergePropertyForRecipient
  • Email.MergeFilterExpression
  • Email.MergeSort
  • Order.DiscountTaxRate
  • Order.FreightTaxRate
  • OrderItem.TaxRate
  • Payment.ProcessingFeeTaxRate
  • PaymentMethod.Currency
  • PaymentMethod.ProcessingFeePercentage
  • Promotion.DiscountRate
  • Subscription.AutoRenewDue
  • Task.URLToRun
  • Task.PercentageComplete
  • TaxRate.Rate
  • User.PasswordLastUpdatedOn

Update 5.18.1 Alpha

Fix: To pricing for selected or logged in user.

Fix: When loading the filter expressions, the filter is reset without unnecessary code.

Fix: Organisation.Region was required in the database causing an error.

Update 5.18.0 Alpha

New: counter.js function that shows a number incrementing or decrementing to a target value when visible in view port. To use set class="counter" on an element and the inner text is the target value. Also can use these optional attributes:

  • data-start is the starting value. Defaults to 0.
  • data-incremental-pause is the number of milliseconds to pause between increments. Defaults to 50.
  • data-increments is the number of increments to perform. Default is 40.
  • data-locale is the locale to use when formatting the number. Default is en-AU.
  • data-format-options are the options for formatting the number. Default is { style: 'decimal', minimumFractionDigits: 0, maximumFractionDigits: 0 }.

Fix: Menu item not showing as current when URL matched the current URL.

Fix: Parent group property not set when adding a sub group from that parent.

Fix: Processing boolean parameters of a method.

Fix: Display values when filtering a collection with in operator.

Fix: Dashboard membership summary and order summary clickable totals.

Update 5.17.4 Alpha

Fix: Fix to checkout process returning an error due to invalid URL.

Update 5.17.3 Alpha

Fix: Fix to freight calculations based on delivery zones.

Fix: Fix when an item in the object is not found the system will check for a redirect. For example, if /blog/my-blog-post was renamed to /blog/my-renamed-blog-post.

Update 5.17.2 Alpha

Fix: Fix to function that determines if a member can renew automatically to a group.

Update 5.17.1 Alpha

Fix: Postmaster email address ignored when checking for bounced emails.

Update 5.17.0 Alpha

New: Membership.AutoRenew now can be set to:

  • No
  • Maybe: Send me an invoice.
  • Yes: Pay via my stored payment method.

New: When an email is generated, prior to sending to the recipients, the system scans the HTML for images that need to be resized, copies and resizes them in the email folder and updates the link.

New: Property data type PhoneNumber will check if number is compliant. Allows leading +, 3 to 15 numbers, opening bracket ( with matching closing bracket ), space and hyphen - separators. For example, +61 7 5535 8942, (07) 5535-8942, etc.

New: The following property was created on the website object to return organisations visible to the current user.

  • VisibleOrganisations with filename organisations

New: The system only retrieves required table rows when necessary. This can be overridden if you know most rows are going to be accessed, like menu items, and the system will return all so there are less requests to the database. To do this set CollectionDefinition.AlwaysFillWithoutFilters.

Fix: The search control, clear filter and items per page now include nofollow so search engines don't index.

Fix: When processing an order and notifications, invoice, etc. failed to send the process would stop. Now it continues with a note added to order.

Fix: Error retrieving display value in filter on collection when filtered on a variable like [Today].

Fix: Error in GenerateCaptchaImage.

Update 4.18.0

New: ServiceSchedule.AvailableQuantity and ServiceTime.AvailableQuantity when blank default to Service.AvailableQuantity.

Fix: Attachments can now be viewed without going via the primary object if allowed.

Update 5.16.2 Alpha

Fix: BusinessObject.GetHTMLBreadCrumbs to show current object. Also, now will create links to the custom view by default if one exists.

Fix: Modified BusinessCollectionItem.ToString for new items.

Latest Software Updates

Update 5.33.0 Alpha

New: Site.ViewMap which calls sitemap.xml for the select site.

New: SitePublicURLs.Check allowing you to select multiple at once to check.

Fix: SitePublicURL.ContentType was set to XML instead of HTML in certain circumstances, causing those pages to be excluded in the site map.

Fix: BusinessCollectionItem.FileName was not filterable or sortable even though in table.

Update 5.32.0 Alpha

New: LinkingForeignCollectionDefinition.LinkingPropertyFilterExpression will append the supplied filter expression to the linking property collection filter expression.

New: LinkingForeignCollectionDefinition.LinkingPropertySortExpression will override the linking property collection sort expression with the supplied sort expression.

Update: When importing and Match Item By is set to FileName the system will convert it to a URL file name before matching.

Fix: BusinessCollection.FilterOnIDFileNameOrUniqueValues when supplied with empty string failed.

Fix: ItemDefinition.GenerateHTMLControl for calculated properties.

Fix: Path access denied when posting an email form in certain circumstances.

Fix: When posting an email form it now redirects directly when no success message supplied.

Fix: When posting an email form it now reloads form values when displaying success message.

Update 5.31.4 Alpha

Update: Update the blog ping services.

Fix: Read only properties that were read from the database were not filterable or sortable.