Pre 3.0.0 Software Updates

This section is used to keep you informed of the latest changes and bug fixes to the Blue Rock website management tools software.

Update 2.30.1

New: Changed install updates so files could be renamed or copied to a different name.

Update 2.30.0

New: Install Updates scripts now can have preinstall information which the user must read and confirm before proceeding.

New: Install Updates now can be redirected to an alternate URL after completion of a script.

Fix: Changed view permissions on administrator menu items depending on whether an administrator, licensee or developer is logged in.

Update 2.29.24

Fix: Removed the automatic focus to the first field in a form. HTML5 has introduced autofocus attribute on the input control to acheive this.

Update 2.29.23

Fix: Modified nav.css to hide title due to tooltip showing same. Also, removed fade in and out of drop down display due to safari on touchsreen devices not able to open these drop downs.

Update 2.29.22

New: Added file manager under content management menu.

New: Updated website styles viewing page.

Update 2.29.21

Fix: When generating the article or directory path with full URL enabled returned an error.

Fix: Moved the nav menu out of the system css file.

Fix: Removed upload status.

Update 2.29.20

Fix: Hid deprecated name properties on business objects by default.

Fix: Page unload method failed when redirected to setup.aspx due to no database detected.

Fix: setup.aspx was redirecting to an invalid URL.

Update 2.29.19

New: Modified lightbox-gallery.js so galleries can be generated where each image is a background of an <a> tag. This allows you to set all the <a> tags to the same size (i.e. a square box) and set the image background to cover makes for a neater gallery.

Update 2.29.18

Fix: Added Categories and Tags as available properties of Product by default.

Update 2.29.17

Fix: Errors in definition inspector and sorted private properties and methods.

Update 2.29.16

New: Definition Inspector now displays all class, property, method and method parameter definitions. You can also edit the attributes for each definition. However the Definition Inspector is now only accessable by a logged in developer.

Fix: Properties of type WebAddress or FileURL with attribute Relative set to false but had a relative URL were linking incorrectly. For example, http://scripts/system.css.

Update 2.29.15

Fix: EmailForm was sending unnecessary fields to administration.

Update 2.29.14

Fix: Generate methods were returning conversion error on missing parameters.

Update 2.29.13

Fix: Testing if membership was current returning incorrect answer.

Update 2.29.12

Fix: When sending emails only current approved members of the selected groups are included or excluded.

Fix: Added testing eWay payment gateway URLs and customer ID as selectable values.

Fix: Updated PayPal process payment to use standard HTTPWebRequest instead of XML COM object.

Update 2.29.11

Fix: When saving a form with an item property and where NoValueDisplayText was set an error would occur.

Fix: When a form was saved item properties were not being disposed properly.

Update 2.29.10

Fix: Article and directory view filters (categories, tags, issues, authors, regions and industries) links will not be followed if already filtered.

Fix: Page number was not included in canonical meta tag url when viewing subsequent page of article or directory view.

Fix: Generation of the site map and subsequent pages in article or directory view were not being indexed.

Fix: The default auto-resize on images and videos when developer not logged in has been removed.

Update 2.29.9

New: A view function to view a user as if via directory. Can also view the logged in user via Application.LoggedInUserView.

Fix: Error when processing recurring payments.

Update 2.29.8

Fix: Only administrators could upload attachments. Now by setting configuration settings you can overwrite the default restrictions.

Update 2.29.7

Fix: Custom pages for object view or method view would get an error when replacing checkbox values.

Update 2.29.6

Fix: Default template was loading instead of selected template for an article.

Update 2.29.5

New: The ToString function of a business object will now use the ClassDefinition.DefaultFormat expression.

New: When using PageType=CustomView on a business object the system will look for the template website-[classname]-default and merge the object to it for display. For example, default.aspx?PageType=CustomView&Collection=Users&ID=1234 will merge the user record with ID 1234 to the template named website-user-default if it exists.

Fix: When multi-payment option is chosen it is displayed in the order confirmation when checking out.

Update 2.29.4

Fix: Client side call to set geolocation did not have access to execute.

Fix: Administrator could not select a different author for an article.

Update 2.29.3

Fix: Outlook import script error.

Update 2.29.1

Fix: Access to set user geolocation was denied.

Fix: Script to call server side function to set user geolocation would not work if user path had sub-folders.

Update 2.29.1

Fix: Error when generating license key when IP used instead of domain.

Fix: Set import script timeout to unlimited.

Update 2.29.0

New: The users current geographic location based on the IP address is now accessible via the functions Application.UserGeolocation, Application.UserLatitude and Application.UserLongitude. However, an IP address ranges database needs to be imported for it to work. There are databases available on the internet, some free while others licensed. An import script has been set up for one of the free databases. See the import script for details.

New: A javascript function (setUserGeolocation) has been made available to get the client geolocation and update the server. This will overwrite the less accurate IP address geolocation. Here is an example usage with true to show errors: Get My Geolocation]]>

New: Application.UserRegion is accessible which is set based on the closest region to the current geolocation.

New: When a new article is created the geolocation and region is defaulted to Application.Geolocation and Application.UserRegion.

New: The directory view or article view can be filtered to the current region based on the currect geolocation via /region/geolocation/. For example,

Update 2.28.5

Fix: Error when generating old author list view for articles due to anonymous articles.

Update 2.28.4

Fix: Error when generating directory view due to wrong object being passed.

Update 2.28.3

Fix: The generate list functions used in merge fields in some circumstances were not giving the correct results due to VB Script passing short integer IDs and conversion did not recognise it as an integer.

Update 2.28.2

Fix: Issues list was not generating all months with articles.

Fix: Not disposing some objects causing memory leak.

Update 2.28.1

New: Issues list for article view will now list only the years with exception of the current or selected year then list months.

Update 2.28.0

New: You can now list users in a directory view. Shortcut URL is directory/. The directory view can be filtered by group, industry, country, state and region. Lists for these can be generated for the side panel. By default the directory view looks for website-users-default template to display the output in.

New: A list of groups can be generated for the side panel of an article view (blog, exhibit, forum, guestbook and shop).

New: You can now filter articles by country, state and region. A list of countries, states and regions can be generated for the side panel of an article view.

New: The article view filter lists (groups, categories, tags, issues, authors, regions and latest comments) can now be filtered by the current group, issue year, issue month, category, tag, author, country, state and region.

New: The directory view filter lists (groups, industries and regions) can be filtered by the current group, industry, country, state and region.

Update 2.27.1

New: The category, tag, issue and author lists generated now include an attribute in the link called data-articles-count which can be used to display the number of articles that will be displayed if the link clicked.

Fix: Unnecessary loading and closing of collections and items to obtain the generated lists have been minimised. These lists should load faster. The articles view (blog, exhibit, guestbook, forum and shop) should also load faster.

Update 2.27.0

New: HTMLDocuments and related business collections have been split and renamed as follows:

  • HTMLDocuments - Templates and Articles
  • HTMLDocumentScripts - TemplateScripts
  • HTMLDocumentStylesheets - TemplateStylesheets
  • HTMLDocumentCategories - ArticleCategories
  • HTMLDocumentTags - ArticleTags
  • HTMLDocumentComments - ArticleComments
  • HTMLDocumentRatings - ArticleRatings

New: The Article, Group, Category, Tag and User business objects have a new property called FileName which is forced to URL format (alpha-numeric, dashes and dots only), required and unique. With the exception of the User object, Title has been added as a required property and the Name property is deprecated. A user with the appropriate permission with be able to rename the filename.

New: The Template also has the new property called FileName which is forced to URL format, required and unique. The Name property is deprecated.

New: With the Menu Item business object, the Title property has been added to replace Name which is deprecated.

New: Can now allow new galleries, blog posts, forum topics, testimonials, products and services without the user being a member of a group. See Configure Components to set permissions. When the user has the appropriate access the Add New Article button will show up in the articles view (i.e. Exhibit, Blog, Shop).

New: Categories can now be manually sorted with the new Position property the same as Menu Items.

New: Snippets business collection has been added only with the function GetSnippetContent([FileName]) which can be used to insert HTML into for example side panel of templates making it easy for the administrator to edit without damaging the template.

New: Regions now have the properties Longitude and Latitude with functions to set them.

New: Articles now have the properties Region, Longitude and Latitude if a region is selected Longitude and Latitude will automatically be set to the regions values. Venue Region on services has been deprecated.

New: Permissions on groups and memberships can now be set from All to Developers.

New: When a reset is required after an install updates then it redirects to redirect.aspx which saves the web.config forcing all current sessions to close and reload the new system DLLs.

New: Renamed base aspx files using the URL format.

Fix: System.css styles were changed to display better with the upcoming new base stylesheet to be released.

Fix: Upload status message (upload-status.aspx) was pointing to the wrong stylesheet.

Update 2.26.2

New: Adds the template and article names of the current page to the body class attribute.

Update 2.26.1

Fix: Add New button not showing in HTML Document Stylesheets.

Update 2.26.0

New: Scripts and stylesheets are no longer limited to the local path.

New: The system scripts and stylesheets are no longer hard coded in the base template. They can now be removed or changed if need be.

New: You can now change the default paths where files, images, media, scripts and stylesheets are stored.

New: They system will now generate a datalist and associate it to the input control for fields with selectable values but not limited to those values For example:

<input type="text" id="Country" name="Country" list="CountryList"/>
<datalist id="CountryList">
<option value="Australia"/>
<option value="New Zealand"/>

New: You can now create custom membership status messages for each group. The system would look for a custom page for the current group then the parent group and so on while there is a parent group then look for the default custom page. If a custom page is found it merges the membership record and displays it otherwise displays the standard system page. For example, say a subscriber is approved to a group called "Mountain Bikers" which is a subgroup of "Cyclists". The system would look for the following pages.

  • mountain-bikers.membership.statusmessage
  • cyclists.membership.statusmessage
  • membership.statusmessage

Fix: Removed the column Condition from HTMLDocumentStylesheets and added the correct column IncludeExpression.

Update 2.25.8

New: You can now create custom approval notification emails for each group. The system would look for a custom email for the current group then the parent group and so on while there is a parent group then look for the default custom email. If a custom email is found it merges the membership record and sends it to the subscriber otherwise sends the standard system email. For example, say a subscriber is approved to a group called "Mountain Bikers" which is a subgroup of "Cyclists". The system would look for the following emails.

  • mountain-bikers.membership.approvalnotification
  • cyclists.membership.approvalnotification
  • membership.approvalnotification

New: You can now add a hidden control named "RedirectURL" to a custom form for editing objects which the system will detect and redirect to that URL after the object is saved.

Fix: Website.Register now sends the Activation Request email to the registrant if "User Login" is required for activation.

Fix: Group.SubscribeNewUser now processes the subscription thru Website.Register fixing the problem of user details being added to the database before they have activated it via login.

Fix: Email address validation was still not allowing certain characters.

Update 2.25.7

New: Can now set the template in the custom ASPX file. In the "@ Page" section create an attribute for example, TemplateFileName="website-with-side-panel".

New: Will now load custom properties added to an existing table. For example, Users table.

New: Can now set the display text of a property with no value. Add a configuration setting called NoValueDisplayText for the property. For example, User.Gender.NoValueDisplayText.

New: Can now have a custom links to Forward to a Friend, Edit My Details, Unsubscribe and the developer image. Simply create your own links in the email template with the following classes. If the system does not detect the Unsubscribe link then the generic links will be created. If the system does not detect the developer image (must have id="DeveloperImage") then the generic logo will be created.

  • ForwardToAFriend
  • EditMyDetails
  • UnsubscribeMe
  • Developer

Fix: The generic footer output containing Forward to a Friend, Unsubscribe, Edit My Details and the developer logo now has inline styles.

Fix: Can now preview an email without being logged in.

Fix: Updated the email address validation to allow for special characters in the local part (before the @). For example, john&jane.o'

Fix: When a boolean property allows nothing then a drop down control will be displayed by default with an empty option.

Fix: You can now add a control named RedirectURL to a custom form that executes a method and if the method returns nothing then system will redirect to the URL in the control value.

Fix: Post an Article now checks if the particular article type is allowed to be posted by the current user.

Fix: Retrieving a list of images in a folder using GetImageRelativeFilePaths now picks up JPEG files as well.

Fix: A class definition was being loaded more that one which increased the memory required.

Fix: Now detects additional protocols in URLs. For example, skype:myskypename.

Update 2.25.6

New: By adding the optiontype attibute to an HTML select element as below will convert the control to radio buttons.

<select id="Country" name="Country" optiontype="radio">
<option value="AU" selected="selected">Australia</option>
<option value="NZ">New Zealand</option>

Update 2.25.5

Fix: Problem with registering with configuration of Login to Approve. Login details were sent blank.

Update 2.25.4

New: Can now set the Format on a collection property. The format is an expression which is run on the collection with the result return a string to be displayed.

New: Can now mark mulitple bookings used/not used at one time.

Fix: Problem with check availability when booking multiple services at one time.

Fix: Error when sending a custom letter.

Update 2.25.3

Fix: Updated the system styles so multi-select list items text does not wrap and the overflow is shown with an ellipsis.

Update 2.25.2

New: The shop now shows regular price as well as the current price if the trading item is on special.

Update 2.25.1

Fix: Error when adding a product to the cart.

Update 2.25.0

New: Additions made to menu items, scripts and stylesheets to more easily change the position/rank of the items in the list.

Update 2.24.4

Fix: Updated to the latest HTML Editor which fixes several problems in new browser versions.

Update 2.24.3

Fix: When editing an object or executing a method the Boolean properties or parameters were not setting to false when changed from true.

Update 2.24.2

Fix: Error in Javascript when loading a page from another.

Update 2.24.1

Fix: If a method or object is executed or saved via a form, missing controls (parameters or properties) are set with their default or current value.

Fix: When replacing the default FormView of an object or method by creating a page the selectable values and current values of properties or parameters with a type of LinkingForeignCollection will be loaded from the database as are other types.

Fix: Now returns to initial page when calling a succession of methods.

Fix: Now sets email receipt to bounced on certain error statuses instead of throwing an error and stopping the sending or emails.

Update 2.24.0

New: Can now customise the emails sent from the system. To do this you must create a page with a specific name, change Output Type to Email and select an email template for it to go out in. The title of the page becomes the subject of the email. The system will recognise that this page exists, merges and sends that page as an email to the recipient(s). Here is a list of the pages:

  • website.logindetailsnotification
  • auction.winningbidnotification
  • auction.unsuccessfulbidnotification
  • englishauction.winningbidnotification
  • englishauction.unsuccessfulbidnotification
  • lowestuniquebidauction.winningbidnotification
  • lowestuniquebidauction.unsuccessfulbidnotification
  • highestuniquebidauction.winningbidnotification
  • highestuniquebidauction.unsuccessfulbidnotification
  • order.invoice
  • order.thankyouletter
  • servicebooking.confirmationletter
  • servicebooking.cancellationletter
  • user.activationrequest
  • user.approvalnotification
  • user.emailsubscriptionnotification
  • membership.approvalnotification

New: Can now customise messages output from the system. To do this you must create a page with a specific name. The system will recognise that this page exists, merges and outputs that page instead of the default message. Here is a list of the pages:

  • auction.biddingclosedmessage
  • auction.biddingcompletemessage
  • englishauction.biddingclosedmessage
  • englishauction.biddingcompletemessage
  • lowestuniquebidauction.biddingclosedmessage
  • lowestuniquebidauction.biddingcompletemessage
  • highestuniquebidauction.biddingclosedmessage
  • highestuniquebidauction.biddingcompletemessage
  • cartitems.requestforquotesentmessage
  • cartitems.confirmorder
  • order.completemessage
  • service.bookingcompletemessage
  • Article.statusmessage
  • membership.statusmessage

New: Can now send an email to service bookings.

New: Can now cancel a service booking and cancellation letter sent to the user.

New: Now displays how much time till the session times out if the form relies on session variables.

New: Now stores the results of the blog directory submissions within Articles.

Fix: Service - List Times would sometimes show times outside specified criteria.

Fix: When a trading item other than a product is added to the cart the freight price and weight are set to zero by default.

Fix: Merge function sometimes got into an endless loop when duplicate foreign collection items were encounted.

Fix: Updated system styles to include nav minimization at 720px.

Fix: Updated jquery to version 1.10.1.

Fix: lightbox.js now works on older IE browser versions.

Fix: lightbox-gallery.js now includes all images in element, not just first level children.

Update 2.23.0

New: Products and Testimonials now work the same as the blog and galleries and can be displayed in article view. They can be access via the following short-cut URLs "shop/" or "guestbook/". Galleries can now be accessed via this short-cut URL "exhibit/".

New: Can now set the available quantity on trading items. For products this is automatically updated when an order is placed subtracting the quantity supplied from the available. For services it the number of users allowed per scheduled time.

Fix: No order will be recorded if there is no need when booking a service. If the price is zero and there are no options then there is no reason to create an order for the booking.

Fix: Site map was not generating with new HTML 5 doctype declaration.

Fix: Sets the residing geographic point when users are imported.

Update 2.22.16

Fix: Change to system stylesheet to hover the description and instructions of form fields in the backend.

Fix: Turn off all beta testers. This is to stop them automatically going into the next beta test phase.

Update 2.22.15

Fix: Change to system stylesheet to hide the background on minimized menus.

Update 2.22.14

New: New category menu generator which produces clean html without the unnecessary class information.

New: Attribute: "AllowEdit" and "AllowEditExpression" have been added to MethodDefinition which determines if the parameters are editable. If set to false then the method will be run with the default values for each of the parameters.

New: When someone books for a service it now asks to specify the attendees even if they have booked for one.

Update 2.22.13

Fix: When the URL supplied passed parameters without a file name it brought up the application details by default. Now it brings up the home page unless PageType=CustomView is specified in the URL.

Update 2.22.12

Fix: Added alt attributes to images generated from the system.

Update 2.22.11

Fix: Removed field Condition from TemplateScripts and TemplateStylesheets due to only effective on IE and replaced with IncludeExpression which is a server side expression with the result determining if to include or not.

Update 2.22.10

Fix: CSS style box-sizing:border-box does not work in IE 7 or below which caused cells in the adaptive grid to be oversized if the cell has borders or padding. Use this style as follows:

-webkit-box-sizing: border-box;
-moz-box-sizing: border-box;
box-sizing: border-box;
*behavior: url(/scripts/;

Update 2.22.9

Fix: Navigation system was not show text with a image in the menu item.

Fix: Styles updated for navigation system and backward compatibility for IE 8 and below. Also new border styles added.

Update 2.22.8

Fix: Styles updated for new navigation menu system when menu minimized.

Fix: Procedure to check for bounced emails gets caught in endless loop.

Update 2.22.7

New: Styles added to the system.css for new navigation menu system.

Update 2.22.6

Fix: The nav-menu generator output unnecessary blank items.

Fix: Javascript file html5shiv.js added so HTML5 elements can be used in IE8 or less.

Update 2.22.5

New: Created a set of override cell widths for adaptive-grid.css.

Update 2.22.4

New: New menu generator, GenerateHTMLMenu(MenuID) which produces clean html without the unnecessary class information.

Fix: Function that returns the user culture code generated an error when the search engines queried it due to no culture supplied.

Fix: Can now delete users without deleting their email receipts first.

Fix: Problem with the adaptive-grid.css displaying cell widths incorrectly in certain situations.

Update 2.22.3

Fix: A page not found error was coming up when accessing a pages using short-cut URLs from a secure page.

Fix: Force the table cell spacing for system styles.

Update 2.22.2

New: Added ViewPort to the configuration settings. When this value is set to width=device-width and the website has an adaptive web design then it will be displayed correcting on mobile screens and other smaller devices.

Update 2.22.1

Fix: Alter database foreign key and default constraints.

Update 2.22.0

New: Multi-Currency now available. The base currency can be set to a particular currency by the administrator when setting up the website and that currency will be stored in the database. The administrator can also set which currencies are available and their exchange rates. The system will detect the current users preferred currency based on their culture settings for the browser they are using. They can then change the currency to another if they wish to do so and their choice will be saved (in a cookie) for next time they return to the site.

Update 2.21.7

Fix: When an Email Form sent with an uploaded file to be saved on server, the link in the email (to the file on the server) was not clickable.

Update 2.21.6

Fix: Email Form sent to the administrator is now addressed from the email address entered in the [EmailAddress] field on the form. Previously was from the Administrator's email address. If the field does not exist on the form then it is still sent from the Administrator's email address.

Fix: Email Form showed a zero in the message box when an invalid email address was entered. Now shows 'Invalid Email Address'.

Update 2.21.5

Fix: Rename HTML Document function failed when come across a very short domain.

Update 2.21.4

Fix: Allow connections for a user to be automatically deleted when a user is deleted.

Update 2.21.3

Fix: Index and Follow meta tags were incorrectly shown when viewing backend visible data.

Update 2.21.2

Fix: Unable to output sitemap to file.

Update 2.21.1

Fix: Trading item option names which have been configured are displayed in invoice order item details.

Update 2.21.0

New: Mobile device detection has been added. If a mobile device is detected the system looks for the home page with -mobile appended. For example, default-mobile or user-default-mobile. It can also be language dependent. For example, default-mobile-fr for the french version.

Update 2.20.5

Fix: Incorrect syntax in Canonical Meta Tag.

Update 2.20.4

New: Detects if JavaScript is enabled and reports back to the server on first load if not. It then sets an Application variable called JavaScriptEnabled which can be used to for example to load alternate content.

Fix: Hoverable drop-down menus now work without JavaScript. Clickable drop-down menus still require JavaScript. Use the new variable JavaScriptEnabled to revert to hoverable if disabled.

Update 2.20.3

Fix: Error in clickable sub-menus.

Update 2.20.2

Fix: Error when merging, did not merge all linked items.

Update 2.20.1

Fix: Error when sending an email with the default email template.

Update 2.20.0

New: A new function has been created to rename a HTML Document (i.e. Template, Page, Blog Post, Product, etc.). This function will also search and replace in the website any links to the document. Names can now only consist of lower case alpha-numeric characters, dashes and dots.

Update 2.19.10

Fix: Change to automatically bounce emails for invalid email addresses when sending email campaigns.

Update 2.19.9

Fix: Error when custom form used on a method.

Update 2.19.8

Fix: Security patch for potential SQL Injection.

Fix: Administrator permissions for Upload File, Upload Image and Upload Video.

Update 2.19.7

Fix: When images in the lightbox were larger than the browser they would be cut off. Lightbox images are now resized to fit in the browser window.

Update 2.19.6

Fix: The load and close icons were not showing up in the lightbox.

Update 2.19.5

Fix: Some sites script files were hacked causing visitors to the site vulnerable to viruses.

Fix: Update to the latest jQuery script.

Update 2.19.4

Fix: Adds the class "Current" to the current menu items so they can be styled appropriately.

Update 2.19.3

Fix: Allows administrators to set the date published or leave blank to publish at a later date.

Fix: Allows administrators to set the date archived.

Update 2.19.2

Fix: Articles not sorted by date published in Article View (Blog Posts, Galleries, Forum Topics).

Fix: Error when publishing an article.

Fix: Name not showing when listing articles.

Update 2.19.1

Fix: No access error when completing an order.

Fix: Removed "ArchivedOn is null" filter when listing articles likes pages, blog posts, etc.

Update 2.19.0

New: Can now merge items in list view by ticking the checkboxes of those items you want to merge and selecting "Merge Items" in the action menu. For example, you may have the same user or contact in the database having placed orders over multiple records. By merging the user records not only will the user details like addresses etc be merged but all attached records like orders will come across to the one record.

Fix: In the new Sort Editor you cannot sort by the first item in each of the drop-downs.

Update 2.18.0

New: Can now automatically send a thank you letter when the order is complete. Create an email page called "Order.ThankyouLetter". This letter will be detected when the order is complete and merged with the order and sent to the trading entity with CC to the administrator.

Fix: Security hole found on who can execute certain methods on the business objects.

Update 2.17.1

Fix: Cannot clear image or file properties. A clear action has been added for each of those properties.

Update 2.17.0

New: Can now create multiple image galleries and can categorize and tag the galleries much like a blog post and viewers can comment and tag the galleries.

Update 2.16.1

Fix: The Clear Filter button in the Filter Editor does not work on some browsers.

Update 2.16.0

New: Filtering and Sorting - Now when listing pages, blog posts and most other business objects it will bypass asking for filters and go straight to the list. Once in the list there is now both new filter and sort options.

New: Now by default only drop down selection lists that are not limited to the list use the non-standard combo box.

Update 2.15.2

Fix: When uploading a zip file generated on a Mac to be uncompressed on the server it would fail.

Update 2.15.1

Fix: Problem found subscribing to a group from a custom form. Subscribers were added to the database but were not subscribed to the group.

Update 2.15.0

New: Can now list authors of blog posts and click to see articles authored.

Update 2.14.5

Fix: the action menu and record selectors in list view were still visible even when there were no actions.

Update 2.14.4

Fix: to Users.xls import script.

Update 2.14.3

Fix: Problem with automated task scheduler not running some tasks.

Update 2.14.2

Fix: Problem with URL redirection adding path to start even if already there.

Update 2.14.1

Fix: if a non-image was put in the gallery then the system would try to display that image. Now only displays images with extension jpg, gif, png or bmp.

Fix: when exporting date/time properties the whole date/time would export even if the Lower Accuracy is Day. It now exports the date/time taking into account the Lower and Upper Accuracy.

Update 2.14.0

New: Can now add a custom property which is a group of property values. The Type is GroupOfValues. The main reason for using this would be to create a unique key of multiple properties. For example, create a unique key for Users with FirstName, LastName and BusinessName.

Update 2.13.2

Fix: Error when a property type was changed. For example, from Text to HTML.

Fix: When using touchscreen could not open My Account or Admistration because there were links on them.

Update 2.13.1

Fix: Updated to the latest HTML Editor which fixes the thumbnail viewer of the image browser.

Update 2.13.0

New: Can now add custom collections by simply adding a table to the database. This collection may inherit from other collections. For example, ExtendedCategories may inherit from Categories. The table must have a primary key called ID and be of type Integer. If inheriting then create a one-to-one relationship with the ID of the primary table. Otherwise, the ID field must have Auto-Increment on.

New: Can now add custom methods on all business objects.

New: Can now customise the configuration setting via purpose built methods.

Update 2.12.1

Fix: When logged in as Administrator and submitting new blog posts they were not publishing automatically.

Update 2.12.0

New: Added export function which is available on all collections. Can export to CSV or XML. Will allow you to select the properties you want to export. Will allow you to select sub-properties. For example, Author.FirstName or Author.EmailAddress.

Update 2.11.8

Fix: Tax Invoice showing freight when not necessary.

Fix: Tax Invoice formatting.

Fix: Properties that were set to Not Allow View but Allow Edit were only editable when it was a new object. When re-editing an object the value was overwritten even though it was not edited.

Fix: After configure domain submitted it now goes to About.

Update 2.11.7

New: Added Referral Source to Register and Subscribe New User.

New: Added addtional images to default template for use in shopping cart and when no image or photo available.

Fix: When a new user registers and their details already exist on the database it now throws an error.

Fix: Slideshow and gallery not showing when viewed from blog or forum.

Update 2.11.6

Fix: Comments were not showing on articles when they had multiple lines.

Fix: Error when viewing a page that had no template.

Update 2.11.5

Fix: Drop-down list was appearing well below input due to new CKEditor.

Fix: Added an error message when sitemap generator returns no pages.

Update 2.11.4

Fix: When form details emailed to admin the multiple line text fields would display on one line.

Update 2.11.3

Fix: Auction Management System menu showing when not installed.

Update 2.11.2

Fix: problem with not being able to change the template on a page.

Update 2.11.1

Fix: problem with to HTML Editor file manager.

Update 2.11.0

New: HTML Editor

Update 2.10.5

Fix: to login process.

Fix: to freight calculation method.

Update 2.10.4

Fix: allows limited membership management when CMS is installed. Required for blogging and forum systems. Also, allows users to register when commenting on or rating an article.

Fix: to registration process.

Update 2.10.3

Fix: sets the discount price to zero on all existing orders.

Update 2.10.2

Fix: freight calculation so it shows POA when no delivery methods exist.

Update 2.10.1

New: allows administrator to add payments manually without going thru payment gateways.

New: passes the Order ID thru with the transaction to the payment gateways.

Update 2.10.0

New: can now add forums.

Update 2.9.0

New: each group can have it's own blog.

Update 2.8.1

New: when email addresses are to be unique and a user tries to re-register then an email with login details is sent to them and a message displayed telling them that.

New: when a service is booked additional user email addresses are not required. They can be set to be required via configuration settings and when done so each user is notified they are booked and they are also added to the database.

Update 2.8.0

New: added Promotions to the Order Management System so customers can enter a promo code to get a discount on the order or selected products.

Update 2.7.2

New: You can now set the HTML editor toolbar name for each HTML property or parameter. An attribute has been added to the HTMLDefinition called EditorToolbarName as well as EditorToolbarNameExpression which will allow you to set the name depending on a condition being matched. For example, if administrator is logged in then Default else Basic.  The FCKeditor has now 3 toolbars:

  1. Default: which has all toolbar options.
  2. Extended: which has the following: FontFormat, Bold, Italic, Underline, StrikeThrough, Subscript, Superscript, OrderedList, UnorderedList, Outdent, Indent, JustifyLeft, JustifyCenter, JustifyRight, JustifyFull, Link, Unlink, Anchor and Image.
  3. Basic: which has the following: Bold, Italic, Underline, StrikeThrough, Subscript, Superscript, OrderedList, UnorderedList, Outdent, Indent, Link, Unlink and Anchor.

Update 2.7.1

New: Added payment instructions to tax invoice.

New: Updates to Auction Managment System.

Update 2.7.0

New: Auction Management System.

Update 2.6.4

Fix: allow for multiple slideshows per page.

Update 2.6.3

New: Each product, service or subscription can now have member prices for up to 5 groups.

New: A property has been added to groups (Set Membership Expired On From Children) which when set to true any membership expiries of the group will be automatically set to the highest expiry of any subgroup memberships matching the member.

Update 2.6.2

Fix: attachments not showing up for business collection items.

Update 2.6.1

New: Can now add custom properties to Users, Groups and Memberships.

Fix: to subscription process.

Update 2.6.0

New: Can now create custom properties on HTML documents such as templates, pages, blog posts, testimonials, products, services and subscriptions.

New: Altered the slideshow generator so multiple slideshows can appear on the one page.

Update 2.5.11

New: Added [Change Quantity] function to cart item.

New: Added a parameter to the system called [Unknown User Try Login First] which tells the system to go to login screen before register screen when an unknown user requests an order for an item.

New: Added [Subscribe to Receive Our Emails] confirmation checkbox on register screen. Only visible if email marketing installed.

Update 2.5.10

New: Returns function Group.SubscribeNewUser so public can subscribe directly to a group from a page without clicking on a button first.

Update 2.5.9

New: When a domain or alias is not in the domain list of the website then it is redirected to the www version if in list else the primary domain in list and returns a 301 Permanent Redirect in the status.

Fix: custom error when page not found it returns a 404 Not Found error in status.

Update 2.5.8

Fix: error viewing orders and tax rate is zero.

Fix: Marks all previous orders as completed.

Update 2.5.7

Fix: error received after processing an RSVP to a service or subscription to membership.

Fix: problem with RSVP to a service when no notification of booking is sent.

Update 2.5.6

Fix: problem with URLs with short file names and parameters. The parameters were being dropped.

Update 2.5.5

New: Replaced the dropdown buttons with a more standard look.

Update 2.5.4

Fix: Stops search engines running the site map generator if a site map does not exist.

Update 2.5.3

Fix: Modified the stylesheet so the email footer with "Forward to a Friend", etc. does not print.

Update 2.5.2

Fix: Modified the script so the delay of the redirection of a page can be set to a value in milliseconds.

Update 2.5.1

New: Added new menu items (Bookings, Orders and Payments) to My Account menu.

Update 2.5.0

New: can now also add a service or membership subscription to the cart.

New: can now have multiple items in the cart with recurring payment options. Tax invoice modified to display the payment options.

New: Modified the order process so that once an order is submitted (before payment) an order number is created and passed thru to the payment gateway as the reference.

New: can now list other products that have previously been ordered with the selected product.

New: Modified registration to allow for confirmation of email address immediately before any further processing is done. This will help cut down the spam that comes from form entry.

New: Modified login to use the standard method call. If the Membership Management System is installed then the Register button will appear now.

Fix: problem with email addresses not in lower case when importing. Import scripts have been modified to force lower case.

New: Modified URL for Categories to handle sub-categories i.e.

Update 2.4.7

Fix: Replaces permissions on menu items for systems converted from Blue Rock I.

Update 2.4.6

Fix: the enquiry form on the [Website Default with Right Panel] template.

Update 2.4.5

New: Added Video Profile to the users profile. Simple paste a link from YouTube to display the video in the profile view.

Update 2.4.4

New: Update to allow Forward to Friend and record who it was sent from.

New: Update to email filters to exclude groups.

New: Update to email triggers to include when openned, links clicked and forwarded.

Update 2.4.3

Fix: missing Star Rating in the blog post template.

Update 2.4.2

New: Updated the calendar for scheduled service times to link to the service page.

Fix: problem with the collection definition viewer.

New: Added meta tag "NoFollow" to links in the action menus so that search engine robots would not go there.

Update 2.4.1

New: Updated the Published On date for articles to include the time of day.

New: blog directory ping service list.

Update 2.4.0

New: allows a watermark to be added to the images in the image gallery. You can set the watermark text, font, color/opacity and positioning.

Update 2.3.0

New: generate a site map and submit it to the search engines. New menu items can be found under Content Management.

New: create robots.txt if missing.

New: Adds a the "generator" meta tag to the document head.

New: Forces redirection to one of the domains in the configuration setting "Domains".

New: Adds a menu item under Content Management for listing ratings on articles.

Fix: to the blog post template linking the "Published On" date to the wrong issue.

Fix: to the problem when no author was specified for a comment.

Update 2.2.4

New: Adds the RSS Feed link to the head of the HTML documents.

Fix: Modified the RSS Feed to show only pages to be indexed and published with user access rights.

Fix: Updates HTML Documents to set "Is Page To Be Indexed" to False on all email and user login pages.

Fix: Adds code to links to stop search engines indexing unnecessary pages.

Update 2.2.3

New: Adds Captcha image to forms such as Subscribe New User, Leave a Comment and Rate This when user is not logged in. This will help to stop spammers.

Fix: problem with website address not updating when new user subscribes.

Update 2.2.2

Fix: problem with SMTP Server connection.

Fix: Removes blog directory ping service list until a stable list can be resolved.

Update 2.2.1

New: Modifications to the way actions are displayed in list and form views.

Update 2.2.0

New: allows visitors to rate pages, blog posts, products and services.

Update 2.1.1

Fix: to blog and commenting systems.

Update 2.1.0

New: blogging system has been added to the content management system.

New: comments can be submitted by visitors on pages, blog posts, products and services if allowed.

Update 2.0.8

Fix: error when trying to save a user profile.

Update 2.0.7

Fix: to auto-update.

Update 2.0.6

Fix: Update to system styles.

Update 2.0.5

New: Update to the HTML editor.

Update 2.0.4

Fix: to auto-update.

Update 2.0.3

Fix: the checking for bounced emails.

Update 2.0.2

Fix: the sort order for news articles.

Update 2.0.1

New: Update to Order Management System can now send invoice.

Fix: bug found when trying to save a user.

Update 2.0.0

New: Update to the latest software and system script and stylesheet files.