Update 3.0.0

New: Website management tools are now called Inology's The Internet Platform.

New: Upgrade to .Net Framework 4.5.

Fix: Attachments folder path now defaults to the business objects' file name if it has one otherwise uses the ID for the folder path.

Fix: When business objects with a file name are renamed the attachments folder path is also renamed.

Fix: When business objects are deleted the folders containing the attachments are also deleted.

Latest Software Updates

Update 5.38.0 Alpha

New: A user can now create an account without using a password, if the browser and device they are using supports Web Authentication. This uses bio-metrics like face or thumbprint recognition if available.

New: The system detects the browser, device type and whether the a mobile device and creates a record of that device when a user signs up or logs in. This helps determine if a user automatically logs in on that device. The user can delete devices they are no longer using for login.

Fix: Fix: Block cross-site form spam.

Update 4.19.7

Fix: Fix: Block cross-site form spam.

Update 3.20.1

Fix: Block cross-site form spam.