Update 5.30.0

New: Stripe Payment Gateway has been integrated and ready for use. There are 2 modes Stripe Onsite which collects credit/debit card info on your website and Stripe Offsite which uses an iframe on your site and supports many payment methods. Some payment methods may not be processed immediately and may require reconciliation with Stripe. Login to your Stripe account to activate those you want to accept. To avoid having to reconcile select only payment methods where Confirmation = Immediate.

New: The system can now refund payments and sometimes part payments depending on payment gateway integrated. SecurePay allow full payment only while both Stripe integrations allow full or part payment. This must be enabled under Payment Methods.

Fix: The system will not action an order until it meets the payment terms calculating the balance from only confirmed payments (not requiring reconciliation).

Fix: When API called from external application.

Fix: When viewing a foreign collection from an inherited primary object.

Fix: Saving an object did not alway show saved results before redirecting.

Fix: Returning relative WebAddress was prefixing absolute path even if already there.

Fix: Application.GetClassDefinition when case not the same. For example, StoredPaymentMethods and storedpaymentmethods.

Fix: Styling in Definition Inspector.