Update 5.31.0

New: BusinessCollection.Import.AttachedFiles takes a compressed folder (zip) of files to import. The property value in the imported list (csv, json or xml file) must match the file path and name in the zip. The import can be rerun (with matching) with a different compressed folder of files.

New: When sending emails from the email marketing system, attributes width, height, hspace, vspace and align will be added if matching style exists to IMG tags for backwards compatibity when viewing in Outlook.

New: Service.CreateEmail.ExcludeUsersAlreadyBooked parameter added and if true will add a Merge Filter to the Email.

New: ServiceBookingEmails which merges with bookings. For example, a thank you for attending email.

Fix: There is now no limit to the number of different cart items that can be added to a cart.

Fix: Cancelling membership not setting expiry correctly.

Fix: Running automated tasks returned access denied.