Update 5.36.0

New: Base styles and scripts developed using latest language standards. In order to use these you will need to change your template stylesheets and scripts. Besides external stylesheets and scripts you should only need to add a single .scss such as styles.scss. This should include @use statements to include the other stylesheets required. Same goes for scripts. You should only need one javascript module such as main.js and that will have import statements for other modules to include.

New: New property added Application.PageImage. This is the path of the default image for the page being requested. This can be also be set in the @ Page directive of an aspx file as you can with Application.PageTitle and Application.PageDescription.

New: New property Template.Image. This is the path of the default image when using this template for the page being requested. You can include an expression just like you can for Template.Title and Template.Description.

New: New attributes added ClassDefinition.PageTitle, ClassDefinition.PageDescription and ClassDefinition.PageImage. If no expression is supplied then by default the attributes will return the BusinessObject.Title, BusinessObject.Description and BusinessObject.Image property value if they exist on the business object.

New: When generating the title meta tag the system will use Template.Title if one exists, ClassDefinition.PageTitle (i.e. BusinessObject.Definition.PageTitle(BusinessObject)) if value returned, otherwise uses Application.PageTitle. Same goes for description meta tag. You can also access these values from the merge object as PageTitle, PageDescription and PageImage.

New: You can use PageTitle, PageDescription and PageImage in expressions in your HTML templates as these values will exist on the merge object when merged.

New: Keywords meta tag is no longer output.

New: You can now use JavaScript modules. For modules only, when minify is specified the path will be to a min/ subfolder rather than the extension .min.js. The minified files of the modules will be generated when requested the first time. If the main javascript module changes the subfolder is deleted in order for them all to be regenerated upon request.

New: SASS compiler to allow for latest standards.

New: CSS and Javascript minify compiler to allow for latest standards.

New: Application.VisibleServiceTimes default file name has been changed to calendar.

New: BusinessObject.GetFileURLPropertyPathAndFileName(PropertyName) which will return the full relative path to the file.

New: Default templates are chosen by the definition name of business objects and methods rather than the definition file name. For example, the template for BlogPosts now has to be blogposts not the definition file name blog.

New: When importing data with files, those files can be in the root of the zip or now match the base path. For example, say you export blog posts from one site and import them into another (both on this platform). You can now zip the blog folder and include that in the import.

New: When a URL is created for a collection that has filters, it will now include a file path for each filter (in most cases) rather than URL parameters.

New: Definition.CreateFilterMenu now generates with relative filter paths (in most cases) rather than URL parameters.

New: CollectionClassDefinition.GenerateHTMLFilterMenus now has an optional parameter IncludeSearchControl.

New: DefaultHomePageName now defaults to home rather than default.

Update: Modified generic output of BusinessObject.ToHTML and BusinessObject.MethodToHTML to allow for the new base styles and scripts.

New: SitePublicURLs.Scan will scan the cached content of the selected internal public URLs for new references and add them to public URLs.

New: SitePublicURL.Check will check and update cached content when different.

New: SitePublicURL.ViewCache to view the latest cached version of this URL.

Fix: Site.Clean now removes all URLs without a site reference with follow.

Fix: SetSitePublicURL now only adds the URL when there is a site reference with follow.

Fix: To who can execute ConfirmOrder.PayByOffsitePaymentMethod.

Fix: To the canonical URL.