Update 5.43.0

New: Publics.GenerateHTMLSchema(Array) will return a schema object based on the parameter array. This can be included in the Template.Metadata using the merge code option in the HTML editor.

New: MenuItem.Follow added which determines if search engine bots should follow this link for indexing.

New: When administrator is logged in and they are go to SelectUser then the system will direct them to CheckForRegistration if that is what the InitalUserAccessPoint is set to.

New: Default display name changed for VisibleServiceTimes to "Calendar" and VisibleServiceTime to "Service Time".

New: Application.RequestTimeout added which determines how long a request runs before timing out.

New: Both Site.Check and Site.Scan now require a parameter MaximumDuration which indicates how long the function should run before stopping. Application.RequestTimeout is increased if MaximumDuration is set longer.

New: Site.CheckScanAndRepeat now takes two parameters BatchDuration which indicates how long the function should run before stopping and BatchInterval which indicates how long before the function restarts. Application.RequestTimeout is increased if BatchDuration is set longer. If the function stops before completing and automated task is scheduled to run the funtion again after the interval specified.

New: A URL version of image properties has been added to the items which essentially returns the absolute path to the image. Examples, Article.ImageURL, Brand.LogoURL and User.PhotographURL.

New: When submitting a form the disabled window overlay indicating "Please wait while processing..." appears to stop users from refreshing or closing.

New: All database ntext columns converted to nvarchar(max).

New: SetURLParameter(URL, Name, Value) is now available to the script engine.

New: Optional parameters in BusinessCollection.ToObjectArray(ItemExpression, [TopCount], [Randomise], [Page]) BusinessCollection.ToStringArray(ItemExpression, [TopCount], [Randomise], [Page]).

New: ReadOnly Property Attachment.AbsoluteURL returns the URL with the absolute path if missing.

New: ReadOnly Property BusinessCollectionItem.FormattedID returns the ID formatted such as ID 1965 would return "id0000001965" 123456789 would return "id0123456789".

Fix: When added a new item with an image or other type of file, it would place that file in the wrong path.

Fix: PageImage did not always include the absolute path.

Fix: When administrator is logged in and booking for another user it would ask for the user again after specifying attendees.

Fix: Access denied when a user tried to view own bookings.

Fix: Error on Application.UserTimeZone when the Application.UserCountry is not detected. In this case the base time zone is returned.

Fix: Error when adding a new ServiceBookingEmail.

Fix: Could not find path of custom properties or methods.

Fix: user-default.aspx updated to use BusinessObject.RelativeURL([Member]).