Learning Management System

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Latest Software Updates

Update 4.20.1

Fix: Error when entering TradingItemDiscountPrice.StartOn or TradingItemDiscountPrice.FinishOn.

Update 5.45.1

Fix: Every request was regenerating the page due to Site.InternalURLCheckFrequency being nothing.

Fix: When a collection or item was updated not all cached content generated with the collection or item was clearing last checked.

Fix: Application.ScheduleNewAutomatedTask failed.

Fix: WebHTTPApplication.ScheduleNextAutomatedTasks started next task to early due to passed time being excepted as local time rather than UTC time.

Fix: Application.Log output to CSV and made various error messages clearer.

Update 5.45.0

New: New property added AutomatedTask.EmailResults which determines what notifications are to be emailed.

New: Site.ScheduleCheckScanAndRepeat.

New: Site.InternalURLCheckFrequency can now be set to never.

New: SitePublicURL.Check detects if internal static file exists and also checks external URLs.

Fix: Error when menu item deleted.