Product Catalogue System

The Internet Platform’s Product Catalogue System (PCS) is a tool to import, export, create, and manage online catalogues. Create catalogues of products and add and/or update product data quickly and easily using our PCS. With no limits on the number of products you can list your product catalogue can effortlessly grow with your business.


  • Easy to Manage: Maintaining your product database is easy using the online editor.
  • No Limits: There are no limits to the number of products you can add.
  • Categorise: You can create product categories to your products to assist your customers to easily find and identify your products.
  • Photo Gallery: Upload one or more photos for each of your products and have them displayed in a gallery. You can also upload images/logos for each of your product categories/manufacturers.
  • Attachments: Attach images, videos, files such as PDFs and Word Documents to your products.
  • Suppliers: Integration with the Membership Management System will allow your members to post products and become the supplier of those products. Once an order has been placed and paid for by the customer, purchased orders are sent to the supplier.
  • Drop Shipping: Drop shipping is a supply method in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers customer orders and shipment details to the supplier who then ships the goods directly to the customer. Products associated with the suppliers can be marked for drop shipping once the order is paid.
  • Specials: Adding a special price to your products will have it automatically show up in your specials list.
  • Discounts: Integration with the Membership Management System will give you the ability to give your loyal customers/wholesalers/members discounts.
  • Bulk Buy Discounts: Add a bulk price and quantity to your product will allow your customers to pay for products bought in bulk.
  • Options: Add options to your products that your clients can select. For example, colour, size, etc.
  • Quantity Limits: You can set the minimum and maximum quantity per order.
  • Shopping Cart: Customers can add their chosen items to their shopping cart and request a quote or place an order.
  • Digital Items: A product can have a digital item associated to it and when it is ordered and paid it is emailed to the purchaser.
  • Quoting/Ordering: Simply leaving prices off your products will enable the "Request a Quote" button from the shopping cart. And if you have prices on your products your customers will be able to place an order.
  • Payments: Integration of the Order Management System into your website will enable your customers to make payments for their order immediately.
  • Delivery & Pickup: You can setup different delivery zones such as local or international, setup different delivery methods such as courier or post and setup different freight rates based on weight or dollars spent for these delivery zones and methods. The system will automatically detect where the user is located but allow them to change their delivery location and method of delivery to recalculate their freight rates. You can also setup pickup outlets. The system will detect the closest located pickup outlets for the customer to choose if any are available.
  • Templates: Have your website developer create a custom template to list and display your products your way.
  • Optimised: In addition, the Product Catalogue is designed to be search engine friendly and gives you the ability to optimise the content yourself.
  • Import: You can also import your offline products.
  • Availability: You can set your available quantity for each product and as items are ordered the quantity is adjusted.
  • Commenting: Readers of your product pages can now add comments if you allow them to do so. You can select which products you would like to receive comments on. You can also set it so that comments need to be approved by you before they are visible by others. Getting feedback on your products can be very valuable to your business.
  • Rate This: Will allow you to add a star rating to your product page. Your visitors can click on the star rating to rate the product themselves.
  • Publish/Archive: Using the publish/archive features allow you to control when your products are visible on your website.
  • RSS Feed: Your products list is also a RSS Feed. Your customers can subscribe to the feed. Updated information from the feed is automatically downloaded to their computer and can be viewed in their browser and other programs.

Combined with the other features and components of The Internet Platform this system provides online and offline business owners everything you need to grow your online sales efficiently.

Latest Software Updates

Update 5.42.0

New: Inology.Core.NameValueCollection now implements iDictionary.

New: Application.UserTimeZone now gets the time zone from the IP info of the client IP address when possible, otherwise uses UserCountry.DefaultTimeZone.

New: PageURL, PageLanguage and ApplicationTitle are now included as merge properties.

Fix: Application.GetDefaultTemplate did not find correct template for custom business objects or methods.

Fix: Application.GenerateMembershipRenewalOrders regenerated an invoice in certain circumstances due to time zone conversions.

Fix: Application.ConvertPageTypeURL did not return correct path in certain circumstances.

Fix: Error on output when a property or method returned HTML that already had a DTD.

Update 3.21.0

New: One Time Passcode (OTP) has been added as a new method of Human Verification. If selected as the method, a [Request Code] button will be show and when clicked will request a passcode from the server to be sent to the user's email address.

Update 4.20.0

New: One Time Passcode (OTP) has been added as a new method of Human Verification. If selected as the method, a [Request Code] button will be show and when clicked will request a passcode from the server to be sent to the user's email address.