Service Booking System

The Internet Platform’s Service Booking System (SBS) is a software reservation system for service providers, schools tour companies or any business that needs scheduling to allow their customers to book tours, classes, appointments, rentals, events, etc. all online for both the provider and client’s easiest convenience. Our SBS allows you to manage all your bookings with ease and your schedule with flexibility. Clients will be able to see your availability in whichever format you choose, whether it be day, week, or month.


  • Easy to Manage: Maintaining your services database is easy using the online editor.
  • No Limits: There are no limits to the number of services you can add.
  • Calendar View: You can display your services in a calendar set to either day, week or month view.
  • Add to Calendar: You can add the booked service to your personal calendar with all information including date and time automatically entered at a click of a single button. For example, your outlook or google calendar.
  • List View: You can list your upcoming services.
  • Summaries: On a side banner on your pages, a short summary of services can be displayed which when clicked, leads the user to detailed information stored in your services database.
  • Categorise: You can create categories for your services to assist your customers to easily find and identify your services.
  • Photo Gallery: Upload one or more photos for each of your services and have them displayed in a gallery.
  • Attachments: Attach images, videos, files such as PDFs and Word Documents to your services.
  • Suppliers: Integration with the Membership Management System will allow your members to post services and become the supplier of those services.
  • Specials: Adding a special price to your service will have it automatically show up in your specials list.
  • Member Discounts: Integration with the Membership Management System will give you the ability to give your loyal customers/members discounts.
  • Bulk Buy Discounts: Add a bulk price and quantity to your service will allow your customers to pay for services bought in bulk.
  • Options: Add options to your service that your clients can select. For example, if it was an event you may give them an option for meal type.
  • Scheduling: You can set up a service on a once off or recurring basis. For example, you may have a class that runs every Thursday at 6pm.
  • Quantity Limits: You can set the minimum and maximum quantity for one user or maximum overall total bookings for a particular time.
  • Order Before Booking: You can order a service before booking it in. For example, order 6 classes, then book them in later when you know your availability.
  • Payments: Integration of the Order Management System into your website will enable your customers to make secure payments for their booking immediately.
  • Who's Booked: You can list all bookings for a service on a particular date/time to see who’s attending. For example, let's say the booking is for a class, you could list all people attending that class. You can also make that list available to the public or other people attending.
  • Who’s Used / Attended: You can also mark off who has used (or attended) the service.
  • Cancellation: You can let your members cancel their bookings or you can send out a group cancellation email to all that have booked in for that specific service.
  • Optimised: In addition, the Booking System is designed to be search engine friendly and gives you the ability to optimise the content yourself.
  • Templates: Have your website developer create a custom template to list and display your services your way.
  • Commenting: Readers of your service pages can now add comments if you allow them to do so. You can select which services you would like to receive comments on. You can also set it so that comments need to be approved by you before they are visible by others. Getting feedback on your services can be very valuable to your business.
  • Rate This: Will allow you to add a star rating to your service page. Your visitors can click on the star rating to rate the service themselves.
  • Publish/Archive: Using the publish/archive features allow you to control when your services are visible on your website.
  • RSS Feed: Your services list is also a RSS Feed. Your customers can subscribe to the feed. Updated information from the feed is automatically downloaded to their computer and can be viewed in their browser and other programs.

Taking online bookings has never been easier and by using this component alongside our other features you can provide a first class user experience while saving yourself time and money.

Latest Software Updates

Update 5.38.0 Alpha

New: A user can now create an account without using a password, if the browser and device they are using supports Web Authentication. This uses bio-metrics like face or thumbprint recognition if available.

New: The system detects the browser, device type and whether the a mobile device and creates a record of that device when a user signs up or logs in. This helps determine if a user automatically logs in on that device. The user can delete devices they are no longer using for login.

Fix: Fix: Block cross-site form spam.

Update 4.19.7

Fix: Fix: Block cross-site form spam.

Update 3.20.1

Fix: Block cross-site form spam.