Update 5.43.2

New: SitePublicURL.FindReferences now asks if you want to find those links with or without the attribute rel="nofollow".

Fix: Error when trying to login with cookies disabled.

Fix: When HTTPS Everywhere not turned on cookies could not be stored.

Fix: Base scripts and stylesheets updated.

Update 5.43.1

Fix: Error in Group.SubscribeNewUser.

Fix: Path not found error displaying Membership.StatusMessage after Group.ProcessSubscription.

Fix: Site.Clean was removing references URLs.

Fix: Site.Clean was sped up by checking cache for URL without converting to XML first.

Fix: Removed the disabled window overlay when navigating back to a previously submitted form.

Fix: No disabled window overlay loaded when downloading a file on submit.

Update 5.43.0

New: Publics.GenerateHTMLSchema(Array) will return a schema object based on the parameter array. This can be included in the Template.Metadata using the merge code option in the HTML editor.

New: MenuItem.Follow added which determines if search engine bots should follow this link for indexing.

New: When administrator is logged in and they are go to SelectUser then the system will direct them to CheckForRegistration if that is what the InitalUserAccessPoint is set to.

New: Default display name changed for VisibleServiceTimes to "Calendar" and VisibleServiceTime to "Service Time".

New: Application.RequestTimeout added which determines how long a request runs before timing out.

New: Both Site.Check and Site.Scan now require a parameter MaximumDuration which indicates how long the function should run before stopping. Application.RequestTimeout is increased if MaximumDuration is set longer.

New: Site.CheckScanAndRepeat now takes two parameters BatchDuration which indicates how long the function should run before stopping and BatchInterval which indicates how long before the function restarts. Application.RequestTimeout is increased if BatchDuration is set longer. If the function stops before completing and automated task is scheduled to run the funtion again after the interval specified.

New: A URL version of image properties has been added to the items which essentially returns the absolute path to the image. Examples, Article.ImageURL, Brand.LogoURL and User.PhotographURL.

New: When submitting a form the disabled window overlay indicating "Please wait while processing..." appears to stop users from refreshing or closing.

New: All database ntext columns converted to nvarchar(max).

New: SetURLParameter(URL, Name, Value) is now available to the script engine.

New: Optional parameters in BusinessCollection.ToObjectArray(ItemExpression, [TopCount], [Randomise], [Page]) BusinessCollection.ToStringArray(ItemExpression, [TopCount], [Randomise], [Page]).

New: ReadOnly Property Attachment.AbsoluteURL returns the URL with the absolute path if missing.

New: ReadOnly Property BusinessCollectionItem.FormattedID returns the ID formatted such as ID 1965 would return "id0000001965" 123456789 would return "id0123456789".

Fix: When added a new item with an image or other type of file, it would place that file in the wrong path.

Fix: PageImage did not always include the absolute path.

Fix: When administrator is logged in and booking for another user it would ask for the user again after specifying attendees.

Fix: Access denied when a user tried to view own bookings.

Fix: Error on Application.UserTimeZone when the Application.UserCountry is not detected. In this case the base time zone is returned.

Fix: Error when adding a new ServiceBookingEmail.

Fix: Could not find path of custom properties or methods.

Fix: user-default.aspx updated to use BusinessObject.RelativeURL([Member]).

Update 5.42.0

New: Inology.Core.NameValueCollection now implements iDictionary.

New: Application.UserTimeZone now gets the time zone from the IP info of the client IP address when possible, otherwise uses UserCountry.DefaultTimeZone.

New: PageURL, PageLanguage and ApplicationTitle are now included as merge properties.

Fix: Application.GetDefaultTemplate did not find correct template for custom business objects or methods.

Fix: Application.GenerateMembershipRenewalOrders regenerated an invoice in certain circumstances due to time zone conversions.

Fix: Application.ConvertPageTypeURL did not return correct path in certain circumstances.

Fix: Error on output when a property or method returned HTML that already had a DTD.

Update 3.21.0

New: One Time Passcode (OTP) has been added as a new method of Human Verification. If selected as the method, a [Request Code] button will be show and when clicked will request a passcode from the server to be sent to the user's email address.

Update 4.20.0

New: One Time Passcode (OTP) has been added as a new method of Human Verification. If selected as the method, a [Request Code] button will be show and when clicked will request a passcode from the server to be sent to the user's email address.

Update 5.41.1

Fix: Conversion failed from old URL format to new in some instances.

Fix: To base 3.2 stylesheet for forms layout.

Update 5.41.0

New: One Time Passcode (OTP) has been added as a new method of Human Verification. If selected as the method, a [Request Code] button will be show and when clicked will request a passcode from the server to be sent to the user's email address.

Fix: Very long URLs in a collection view would push the table beyond 100% width. A style has been added to break the URL anywhere so it will wrap.

Update 5.40.3

Fix: Automated tasks not logging in as the user before running causing an access denied error.

Fix: Access denied for blog, forum, etc. when management system not installed. This was changed to make them visible to the public even if not installed. This way a developer can add blog posts but no one else can.

Fix: Service.VenueTimeZone now defaulted to the base time zone.

Fix: Service.VisibleTimes were showing all times, not just those visible for current user.

Fix: When adding a trading item, it would not proceed to check out.

Fix: Rename default templates for articles, etc.

Fix: Various base stylesheet changes.

Update 5.40.2

Fix: When resetting password for new user that already has a user record on the database.

Fix: When the same user logs in on similar devices at the same time.

Fix: To include article file name in body classes.

Fix: To star rating now uses star icons.

Fix: To subscribe new user logs them in.

Fix: Processing order failed on date due to time zones.

Fix: To formatting of default page title for methods.

Fix: Default max height for images from 1200px to 1280px.

Fix: Various fixes to base scripts and stylesheets.

Update 3.20.2

Fix: All forms sent from admin email address with reply to the EmailAddress property.

Update 5.40.1

Fix: Sites.Check and Sites.Scan not completing all in one pass.

Fix: To home page displaying as Website.About when cached in Sites.

Fix: To BusinessCollection.CreateFilterExpression when multiple values passed.

Update 5.40.0

New: Date/time properties are now stored in UTC time and are displayed in the User's time zone. However, there are exceptions. For example, Date of Birth is stored and displayed as is, Order and Payment dates are generated and stored and viewed in the Base Time Zone. Service times are displayed in the Venue Time Zone if it has been set for the service.

New: Each country now has a default time zone. This is used as the default for a user.

New: A user can change the time zone if it is not what has been defaulted for them. https://yourwebsite.com/setusertimezone.

New: You can now set the time zone for a venue on a service. This means any times will be displayed in the venue time zone no matter what the time zone is the user is in.

Fix: To home page caching in Sites.

Update 5.39.1

Fix: When a user who initially signed up on another device or via a authentication provider returns to login they are redirected to verify and reset password.

Fix: Access denied when displaying status message after Group.ProcessSubscription.

Fix: When accessing website root (home) with parameters would display Website.About.

Fix: When validating email addresses and phone numbers when blank.

Fix: CollectionItem.RelativeURLFilePath included filter path for base collection. This caused an invalid Canonical URL

Fix: Collection.GetHTMLBreadCrumbs included filter path for base collection.

Fix: Various script and stylesheet updates, maily re the slider.

Update 5.39.0

New: A user can now create an account and login using an authentication service. In order to do that, you must sign up with one or more of the following providers and register the site.

  • Apple
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

Update: The default password strength has been increased to Strong.

Update: Base scripts and stylesheets.

Fix: Block cross-site form spam.

Update 5.38.0

New: A user can now create an account without using a password, if the browser and device they are using supports Web Authentication. This uses bio-metrics like face or thumbprint recognition if available.

New: The system detects the browser, device type and whether the a mobile device and creates a record of that device when a user signs up or logs in. This helps determine if a user automatically logs in on that device. The user can delete devices they are no longer using for login.

Fix: Block cross-site form spam.

Update 4.19.7

Fix: Block cross-site form spam.

Update 3.20.1

Fix: Block cross-site form spam.

Update 5.37.1

Update: Developer and Powered By images.

Fix: Fix to base styles fore color.

Fix: When importing with an existing file name, it was not using the imported file name.

Fix: When adding a new industry or tag set, checking for exisitng file name could be invalid.

Fix: To definition inspector styling.

Update 5.37.0

New: Client side styles now allow for dark and light modes.

New: The system will look for the default page image in /images/defaults/ with a name matching the definition file name of the object or method being merged. If not found it will find a match to inherited objects then finally to the application default image. For example, if the object being merged is the collection blog posts and definition file name is blog then the system will look for the following:

  • /images/defaults/blog.png
  • /images/defaults/blog.jpg
  • /images/defaults/articles.png
  • /images/defaults/articles.jpg
  • /images/defaults/website.png
  • /images/defaults/website.jpg

New: A user can now be added with just an email address.

Fix: To the BusinessCollection.RelativeURLPath generation with filter expressions.

Fix: When a Template.PageImage included an expression it wasn't merged.

Fix: Fix to client side scripts and stylesheets.

Update 5.36.0

New: Base styles and scripts developed using latest language standards. In order to use these you will need to change your template stylesheets and scripts. Besides external stylesheets and scripts you should only need to add a single .scss such as styles.scss. This should include @use statements to include the other stylesheets required. Same goes for scripts. You should only need one javascript module such as main.js and that will have import statements for other modules to include.

New: New property added Application.PageImage. This is the path of the default image for the page being requested. This can be also be set in the @ Page directive of an aspx file as you can with Application.PageTitle and Application.PageDescription.

New: New property Template.Image. This is the path of the default image when using this template for the page being requested. You can include an expression just like you can for Template.Title and Template.Description.

New: New attributes added ClassDefinition.PageTitle, ClassDefinition.PageDescription and ClassDefinition.PageImage. If no expression is supplied then by default the attributes will return the BusinessObject.Title, BusinessObject.Description and BusinessObject.Image property value if they exist on the business object.

New: When generating the title meta tag the system will use Template.Title if one exists, ClassDefinition.PageTitle (i.e. BusinessObject.Definition.PageTitle(BusinessObject)) if value returned, otherwise uses Application.PageTitle. Same goes for description meta tag. You can also access these values from the merge object as PageTitle, PageDescription and PageImage.

New: You can use PageTitle, PageDescription and PageImage in expressions in your HTML templates as these values will exist on the merge object when merged.

New: Keywords meta tag is no longer output.

New: You can now use JavaScript modules. For modules only, when minify is specified the path will be to a min/ subfolder rather than the extension .min.js. The minified files of the modules will be generated when requested the first time. If the main javascript module changes the subfolder is deleted in order for them all to be regenerated upon request.

New: SASS compiler to allow for latest standards.

New: CSS and Javascript minify compiler to allow for latest standards.

New: Application.VisibleServiceTimes default file name has been changed to calendar.

New: BusinessObject.GetFileURLPropertyPathAndFileName(PropertyName) which will return the full relative path to the file.

New: Default templates are chosen by the definition name of business objects and methods rather than the definition file name. For example, the template for BlogPosts now has to be blogposts not the definition file name blog.

New: When importing data with files, those files can be in the root of the zip or now match the base path. For example, say you export blog posts from one site and import them into another (both on this platform). You can now zip the blog folder and include that in the import.

New: When a URL is created for a collection that has filters, it will now include a file path for each filter (in most cases) rather than URL parameters.

New: Definition.CreateFilterMenu now generates with relative filter paths (in most cases) rather than URL parameters.

New: CollectionClassDefinition.GenerateHTMLFilterMenus now has an optional parameter IncludeSearchControl.

New: DefaultHomePageName now defaults to home rather than default.

Update: Modified generic output of BusinessObject.ToHTML and BusinessObject.MethodToHTML to allow for the new base styles and scripts.

New: SitePublicURLs.Scan will scan the cached content of the selected internal public URLs for new references and add them to public URLs.

New: SitePublicURL.Check will check and update cached content when different.

New: SitePublicURL.ViewCache to view the latest cached version of this URL.

Fix: Site.Clean now removes all URLs without a site reference with follow.

Fix: SetSitePublicURL now only adds the URL when there is a site reference with follow.

Fix: To who can execute ConfirmOrder.PayByOffsitePaymentMethod.

Fix: To the canonical URL.

Update 5.35.0

New: You can now add Definition.StyleClasses to any class, property, method or parameter. Those classes will be added to the HTML output class attribute.

New: Any return value from a method will be converted and output in the current response format. ie. JSON, XML, CSV or HTML.

New: BusinessObject.GetPropertySelectOptions(Path, GroupFilterValue, SearchText, MatchStart) returns object array of value, text, items (sub options if any).

Fix: When calling the method BusinessCollection.AddNew and inheritance is required.

Fix: HTML output when returned from a method.

Update 5.34.0

New: The system detects two new prepends to a URL path. These, along with no prepend, determine how the path is routed and whether or not custom view templates are used. The three modes are:

  • DBMS: When prepending dbms/ to a URL, as in https://yourdomain.com/dbms/blogposts/, the system will route the path via object and method definition names and DOES NOT use custom view templates.
  • Preview: When prepending preview/ to a URL, as in https://yourdomain.com/preview/blogposts/, the system will route the path via object and method definition names however DOES use custom view templates.
  • Custom: When nothing is prepending to a URL, as in https://yourdomain.com/blog/, the system will route the path via object and method file names and DOES use custom view templates.

New: You can now add SCSS and SASS stylesheets to a template. They will be compiled to CSS when changed and first loaded.

New: When a user subscribes to a group via Group.SubscribeNewUser which does not require payment, they are no longer logged in when doing so. If they later come back to register the system detects the user has not logged in and will allow them to register is if a new user.

New: BusinessCollection.FilterBy will ask for a filterable property then proceed to BusinessCollection.AppendFilter which has advanced filtering options for the selected property and when submitted will append it to the collection filter.

New: BusinessCollection.EditFilter will allow developers to edit the raw filter SQL.

New: BusinessCollection.AppendSort will ask for a sortable property to append to the collection sort.

New: BusinessCollection.EditSort will allow developers to edit the raw sort SQL.

New: BusinessCollection.EditColumns will allow developers to edit the comma-separated list of column names.

New: Session values can now be set for default values for method parameters.

New: BusinessMenuItem.PrependSubMenuItem.

New: Each component has it's own configuration settings.

New: Deprecated code now removed. This will make upgrading from version 4 quite difficult.

New: URLs including PageType parameter have been converted throughout the site to filename URLs. For example, /default.aspx?PageType=MethodView&Collection=Users&ID=555555&Method=SubscribeToGroup becomes /dbms/users/555555/subscribetogroup/ and /default.aspx?PageType=CustomView&Collection=BlogPosts&ID=151515 becomes /blog/151515/.

Update 5.33.0

New: Site.ViewMap which calls sitemap.xml for the select site.

New: SitePublicURLs.Check allowing you to select multiple at once to check.

Fix: SitePublicURL.ContentType was set to XML instead of HTML in certain circumstances, causing those pages to be excluded in the site map.

Fix: BusinessCollectionItem.FileName was not filterable or sortable even though in table.

Update 5.32.0

New: LinkingForeignCollectionDefinition.LinkingPropertyFilterExpression will append the supplied filter expression to the linking property collection filter expression.

New: LinkingForeignCollectionDefinition.LinkingPropertySortExpression will override the linking property collection sort expression with the supplied sort expression.

Update: When importing and Match Item By is set to FileName the system will convert it to a URL file name before matching.

Fix: BusinessCollection.FilterOnIDFileNameOrUniqueValues when supplied with empty string failed.

Fix: ItemDefinition.GenerateHTMLControl for calculated properties.

Fix: Path access denied when posting an email form in certain circumstances.

Fix: When posting an email form it now redirects directly when no success message supplied.

Fix: When posting an email form it now reloads form values when displaying success message.

Update 5.31.4

Update: Update the blog ping services.

Fix: Read only properties that were read from the database were not filterable or sortable.

Update 5.31.3

Fix: Error in Payment.AllowRefund when payment method was not a gateway payment method.

Update 5.31.2

Fix: Uploading of files where the property's base path did not end with a forward slash.

Fix: Application.SendRequest linked or attached files sometimes missing.

Fix: Application.SendRequest attached data file included values formatted for HTML.

Fix: Calculated properties by default have no repository and hence by default are not allowed for filtering and sorting.

Update 5.31.1

Fix: Error in BusinessCollection.Import when an item property unique name could not be found and that name needed to be HTML encoded.

Update 4.19.6

Fix: Fix: There is now no limit to the number of different cart items that can be added to a cart.