Update 5.30.4

Fix: RSS feed main title and link were incorrect.

Fix: BusinessObject.GenerateJSON and BusinessObject.GenerateXML outputs were modified to include Definition and ToString for every object.

Update 5.30.3

Fix: Security Violation error when processing a payment via SecurePay.

Fix: Email form now redirects correctly.

Fix: Foreign collection visible even though allow view was false.

Update 5.30.2

Fix: To OffsitePaymentMethods using onsite iframes.

Fix: MembershipEmails when filtering by status.

Update 5.30.1

New: CourseActivity.HasPreviousActivity and CourseActivity.HasNextActivity.

New: When CollectionDefinition.EditorLines is set to zero the control height is set to auto-height.

Update: base-3.2.css styles updated for collection, object and method views.

Update: Defintion Inspector styling updated to make it easier to find properties and methods.

Update: Validation on credit card numbers.

Fix: A property of type file that is relative and can be uploaded was clearing the property when no new file selected.

Fix: Submit and Save returning incorrect values.

Update 5.30.0

New: Stripe Payment Gateway has been integrated and ready for use. There are 2 modes Stripe Onsite which collects credit/debit card info on your website and Stripe Offsite which uses an iframe on your site and supports many payment methods. Some payment methods may not be processed immediately and may require reconciliation with Stripe. Login to your Stripe account to activate those you want to accept. To avoid having to reconcile select only payment methods where Confirmation = Immediate.

New: The system can now refund payments and sometimes part payments depending on payment gateway integrated. SecurePay allow full payment only while both Stripe integrations allow full or part payment. This must be enabled under Payment Methods.

Fix: The system will not action an order until it meets the payment terms calculating the balance from only confirmed payments (not requiring reconciliation).

Fix: When API called from external application.

Fix: When viewing a foreign collection from an inherited primary object.

Fix: Saving an object did not alway show saved results before redirecting.

Fix: Returning relative WebAddress was prefixing absolute path even if already there.

Fix: Application.GetClassDefinition when case not the same. For example, StoredPaymentMethods and storedpaymentmethods.

Fix: Styling in Definition Inspector.

Update 5.29.0

New: API Key is required for posts from external applications. Add an External Application to get an API Key to use with that application.

New: Once a human has been verified the system will store a cookie, if cookies enabled, indicating that, otherwise will store in the session. This means the user does not have to repeat the verification once they have been verified.

New: PageType=EmailForm has been updated and integrated into Process Path version 2.

New: Additional validation of posted images min and max width and height.

New: Adding class="marquee" to an element will create an infinite scroll effect.

New: Added Fonts folder to file manager for developers.

Update 5.28.2

Fix: ServiceTime.BookUsers now asks for any optional extras that may be available (Options1 - Options5 on Service). By default, if there are options available then the number of users is locked to 1 as each user may require different options.

Update 4.19.4

Fix: ServiceTime.BookUsers now asks for any optional extras that may be available (Options1 - Options5 on Service). By default, if there are options available then the number of users is locked to 1 as each user may require different options.

Update 5.28.1

Fix: To requests that return JSON will now always return an object.

Fix: To scripts in base.3.2.js.

Fix: To styles in base.3.2.css.

Update 5.28.0

New: [Submit And Stay] button on system generated forms. By default ClassDefinition.SubmitAndSaveDisplayName is "Save & Stay" and MethodDefinition.SubmitAndSaveDisplayName is nothing which means it won't display unless set to something.

New: StylesheetDefinition and ScriptDefinition.

New: StylesheetDefinition, ScriptDefinition, XMLDefinition and JSONDefinition properties are displayed in an editor with colour coding.

New: GenerateHTMLDropDown generates a dropdown with a fieldset of radio buttons if single-select or checkboxes if multi-select.

New: GenerateHTMLSelect and GenerateHTMLFieldset now have an additional properties NoValueText which is what is displayed when there is an option with no value.

New: base.3.2.js replaces base.3.1.js and backend.2.1.js.

New: base.3.2.css replaces base.3.1.css and backend.2.1.css.

Update 5.27.0

New: API can now accept a post: you can use the same URL commands as per standard HTML requests. When posting data specify the format via the HTTP header Content-Type (see post MIME types below). You can specify the format you want returned in the HTTP header Accept (see accept MIME type below). You can also specify the returned format in the URL. For example, /json/tags/, /xml/tags/widgets/ or /csv/categories/.

  • application/x-www-form-urlencoded - post only
  • multipart/form-data - post only
  • text/html - accept only
  • application/json - post and accept
  • application/xml - post and accept
  • text/csv - post and accept

New: The system now creates a user access token for the device/agent they are logging in via. To retrieve the access token via API post the UserName and Password to /getuseraccesscode/. To use the token in an API call set the request header Authorization to "Bearer [token]".

New: You can now specify how long the system will store the user access token for auto login after a user ticks Remember Me.

New: You can now specify how long the system will store who the initial referral was.

New: Cookies are now only available using HTTPS and only visible on client where necessary. For example, A cookie named CookiesEnabled can be set client side depending on the user's consent.

New: Automated task results now store the HTTP Status Code return when the task was run. Results will also always be stored when an error occurs.

New: When a task is run the system will auto login the creator of the task unless otherwise specified with the AutoLogin property.

New: Attachment.SetToProperty will now also list properties with type of WebAddress.

New: Adding class="nav" to an input control will, on change, navigate to the value which is presumably a URL.

Fix: The noscript tag is only output on first session load and now uses the canonical URL.

Fix: Payment instructions URL included on invoice and order status message.

Fix: Collection.AddNew by default returns the new BusinessCollectionItem rather than a URL to the new item. This was implemented so API requests can post new items.

Fix: Form input value replacement.

Update 4.19.3

Fix: When a method is not editable all parameters default values are used.

Update 5.26.0

New: GenerateHTMLFieldset works like GenerateHTMLSelect however outputs a fieldset of inputs of type radio when single select or checkbox when multiple select.

New: BusinessObject.ToFormValues returns a NameValueCollection of property values.

New: BusinessObject.MethodToFormValues returns a NameValueCollection of parameter default values.

New: BusinessObject.MethodToJSON returns JSON of parameter default values.

New: BusinessObject.MethodToXML returns XML of parameter default values.

New: BusinessObject.MethodToCSV returns CSV of parameter default values.

Fix: Replace HTML control values when preloading a form. Also, now sets radio buttons and checkboxes when used instead of selects.

Update 5.25.0

New: LoggedInUserStoredPaymentMethods will return the current logged in user's stored payment methods.

New: GetLoggedInOrSelectedUser, GetSelectedUser and GetLoggedInUser are now public if accessible.

New: PageTitle can now be added to an ASPX @Page directive.

New: PageTitle variable can now be used when merging any web page.

New: GetDateTimes function can be used in scripts and will return an array of date/times based on the parameters passed.

New: FormatArray function can be used in scripts and will format each element in an array with the specified format parameter passed.

New: Javascript function which can be used to toggle a class based on an input value such as a select control.

Update: Membership.AutoRenew now defaults to Invoice.

Fix: Email.GenerateHTML was showing the same image multiple times if they had the same filename but in different folders.

Fix: Group.GetActiveMembershipCount was returning an incorrect result in certain circumstances.

Fix: The system will not update links in a web page, to include the relative folder, which is starting with a protocol (i.e. https://), forward slash (/), hash (#) and now a dot(.).

Fix: Change to the base stylesheet to remove an indent style specifically for mozilla browsers due to error which they have now fixed.

Fix: Definition inspector error when creating a table.

Fix: Definition inspector changing type of a method parameter.

Update 4.19.2

Fix: Error when outputting articles to static files.

Update 5.24.4

Fix: Error when outputting articles to static files.

Update 3.20.0

New: Upgrade to security and user access.

Update 4.19.1

Fix: Security issue with file manager.

Update 5.24.3

Fix: Image required even though there was already one saved.

Update 5.24.2

Fix: When the Website Temporarily Unavailable Page Name was set to a page a continuous redirect would cause the website to crash.

Update 4.19.0

New: Upgrade to security and user access.

Update 5.24.1

Fix: New registered users would have to reset password when they returned.

Update 5.24.0

New: User.OpenAsVCard will download the user information in a vCard format for import into user's contact database.

New: User.MiddleNames has been added.

Update 5.23.2

Fix: By default Website.VisibleUsers aka directory, cannot be viewed now. Website.VisibleUser(FileName) can be used for directory lookups. For example, /directory/john-mitchell.

Update 5.23.1

Fix: ItemDefinition.DefaultValue was disposing Application.User and the like.

Update 5.23.0

New: Upgrade to security and user access.

Fix: VisibleServiceTimes view was generating the time part of filename as 12 hour clock.

Update 5.22.0

New: Sitemap generator which also stores the public page content for fast loading when there is no user loggged in.

New: AllowFilterIndex on the property definition. When set to false the system will add nofollow on links filtered by this property and noindex on collection views filtered by this property. The default is false, accept for Item.Tags, Article.Category, Article.Brand, Article.Author and User.Industry.

New: Business.CanonicalURL which returns the absolute path and parameters for the custom view of the object. For example, https://inology.au/blog/tag/email-hosting/?Page=2.

New: CreateFilterMenu on a property now creates links to canonical urls and sets nofollow when more than one filter is used or the property's AllowFilterIndex is set to false.

Fix: Meta data noindex and nofollow have been set where appropriate.

Fix: Application.ArticleExists execution speed has been greatly increased which means the loading of the home page has increased because it uses the function to determine which page is the home page.

Fix: The noscript tag is added to the HTML output for every page where the JavaScriptEnabled parameter has not been set.

Fix: The EndSessionOnComplete parameter now works with process path version 2.

Update 5.21.4

Update: Defaults for Application.PoweredByWebsite and Application.DeveloperWebsite.

Fix: Extend max length to 1000 on Template.Title and Template.Description to allow for lengthy scripts.

Fix: Changed default sort order for services.

Update 5.21.3

New: When a file name is created from a title, the ampersands are replaced with "and".

New: Merging collection items can now update all links and add permanent URL redirects for the merged items.

Fix: To update all links when renaming a file.

Fix: To URL redirects match and replace.

Fix: Filter expressions using like.

Fix: Phone number validator.

Update 5.21.2

Update: Changed default sorting method for articles to [PublishingStatus],[PublishedOn] desc and pages and trading items to [PublishingStatus],[FileName].

Update: Changed how URL Redirects work including the pattern matching and what to replace.

Fix: When an item is renamed it also creates a redirect for when used in a filter. For example, a tag named widget /products/tag/widget.

Fix: Error thrown when ItemDefinition.SelectionFilterPropertyName is set and the filter property returned nothing.

Fix: When a menu item does not have a URL the title and onclick attributes are add to the span element.

Fix: To forms in collection view shows double info.