Update 3.5.12

Fix: Supplier purchase orders not emailed to correct email address.

Fix: Supplier purchase orders did not include delivery details of customer when drop shipped.

Update 3.5.11

Fix: Optimised memory and processor usage when reading data from the database.

Update 3.5.10

Fix: Added default value to Product Dropship.

Update 3.5.9

Fix: Error adding auction credit to cart.

Update 3.5.8

Fix: Rewording of properties used for filtering membership emails to make more sense.

Update 3.5.7

Fix: Error when trying to edit a user record due to no auction credit (product).

Update 3.5.6

Fix: Error when trying to set a property to a negative duration. For example, -7 days.

Update 3.5.5

Fix: Error occurred when trying to view an invoice with no payment.

Fix: Additional error checks implemented when processing a SecurePay credit card transaction.

Update 3.5.4

New: When an order is placed by a customer, purchase orders are sent to suppliers of products ordered. If all the products for a supplier are marked for dropshipping then the delivery details of the customer are included on the purchase order for the supplier to ship directly to them. This is only true if all the products purchased for a supplier are marked for dropshipping otherwise the delivery details of the licensee are included on the purchase order.

New: The membership approval notification will now be sent to new members of groups which have automatic approval and where a subscription payment is required.

Update 3.5.3

New: The membership approval notification will now be sent to new members of groups which have automatic approval and where a subscription payment is required.

New: Can now submit your bid prices before logging in and buying auction credits if needed.

New: Can now submit a comment or rating on an article before logging in.

Update 3.5.2

Fix: The human verification code was not showing for application and collection methods when necessary (no one logged in).

Update 3.5.1

Fix: When an email opened via "View in Browser" the links such as "Unsubscribe Me" no longer worked.

Update 3.5.0

New: When sending an email campaign you can now merge to memberships with specific filters on status, expiry, etc. and the recipient will be the member.

New: When sending an email campaign you can now set up a custom merge to any collection item with a property related to a user. For example, merge to payments and the recipient will be the trading entity. This could be used to send out thank you for your payment letters.

New: When sending an email campaign the "View in Browser" has been added to the email output by default.

New: Can now merge the email subject using expressions in the subject. The expressions must be enclosed by ASP code block tags "<%=" and "%>". However, the expression must still be VB Script for now. Here are some examples:

  • Happy Birthday <%=FirstName%>
  • <%=Member.FirstName%> your membership to <%=Group.Title%> is expiring on <%=PropertyValueFormatted("ExpiresOn")%>

Fix: Unnecessary reloading of HTML for each email sent has been eliminated which will speed up the output and decrease memory and CPU usage.

Update 3.4.18

Fix: When resending an email campaign in the same session it is possible that the recipients will receive it again.

Update 3.4.17

Fix: Modified system folders names in URLs throughout to be in lower case and modified robots.txt to only accept lowercase.

Update 3.4.16

Fix: Robots.txt was blocking scripts and stylesheets from being loaded by the search engines when indexing.

Update 3.4.15

New: Added property Style Classes to Menu Item. This allows you to add CSS classes for styling.

Fix: Found unnecessary recalling of function which would have slowed the application and taken valuable processing power.

Update 3.4.14

Fix: User import scripts received an error.

Update 3.4.13

Fix: Selecting a promotion based on an order when editing a product would cause that promotion to be based on selected items instead.

Update: Rearrange the invoice totals and renamed Total Outstanding Payment to Balance.

Update: Form field attribute names now inline with HTML5 standards.

Update 3.4.12

Update: HTML emails now are sent with an alternative plain text version which is extracted from the HTML.

Update 3.4.11

Fix: Expired members were still getting trading item member pricing due to error in function testing if they were a current member.

Update 3.4.10

Update: Streamlined the "Send Now" action on the Email business object.

Update 3.4.9

Fix: Orders for non-deliverables were including the default freight in the total.

Update 3.4.8

New: Added property "Password Last Updated On" to the User object which is set when the password is changed. Anyone with auto-login set prior to that date will be required to login manually.

Update 3.4.7

Fix: An order with part payment was not correctly processing the balance payment when paid.

Update 3.4.6

Fix: Create Note on User inserted html error into Notes when special character like ampersand was used in the author name.

Update 3.4.5

Fix: Error when setting the Base Culture Code.

New: Added "Set Base Culture" to System Configuration menu.

Update 3.4.4

New: Added display property "Total Payment Outstanding" to the order and invoice.

Fix: The "Pay" action on an order is now available if there is an outstanding payment required.

Update 3.4.3

Fix: The current menu item style was not being set for the home page in some circumstances.

Update 3.4.2

New: Upgraded the HTML editor to the latest version.